Tuesday , February 7 2023

& # 39; Industrial Change & # 39; Lion's players canceled the contract


The Lions Rugby Company has signed up to many players. Photo: @LionsRugbyCo Twitter

Johannesburg: The Lions Rugby Company contract was canceled after a meeting between the South African Rugby Players 'Association and the South African Rugby Players' Association.

It is not yet known how much players they have signed in senior players or junior players.

Due to changes in the rugby industry, Lions announced the reduction of the number of professional players in the country – "They wanted the players to cooperate with each other for their contracts.

Lion said he was communicating with surfers, saris and other franchisee CEOs. Changes in the competition, changes in rugby landscapes and rising economic pressure on the unions can make good changes.

According to a statement released by the Lions on Friday, they will interact with each other, end the deal and end the deal.

The decision to cancel the players was the best interest of the players and the union, "said manager, Manager Manager, Tisodi, Tyson.

"Together with the unions that are facing pressures on the factors in the industry, we can expect these processes to follow in the future," Tishyondi said.

He said the players would speak to the players representing the players. Even if these processes work correctly from past experiences, they benefit both parties and we advise or advise players. "

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Bryant Schumann, the major producer of the merger, said: "Industrial changes were necessary to change a strategic plan, and the processes were required to ensure the sustainability and sustainability of the franchise."

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