Sunday , January 24 2021

After a mysterious light in northern sky on Northern California, a tweet broke

Redding, Calif. – The route of publications in Northern California on Northern California draws a lot of attention to Twitter.

Some speculated that it was a satellite launch, which was organized Wednesday night with the Vandenberg Air Force Base. But it was launched.

"So if the #Deltvivi launch does not happen by 549, what's that (sky)?" Anthony Wright posted on Twitter.

The National Weather Service needed to be isolated, which suggests it could be important from outer space.

Eureka's weather service tweeted, "We think this might be the #meters between 5:30 and 5:40 PM."

Josh Waldman responded, "OK! The same thing was also seen in Los Osos, CA."

Aggressive or not, the California Highway Patrol received a second-hand report that was only done at 5:30. Potential aircraft crashes and fire in Shasta County, about 160 miles north of Sacramento. There was no immediate word about whether the plane crashed.

People in the South Riding and San Francisco Bay area tweeted photos of an unusual looking cloud.

See also the people in the National Weather Service Southern California in San Diego if they were seeing the cloud.

The Associated Press reports that in a single engine, Hydrogen Leak stopped the launch of the satellite from Vendenburg for less than 10 minutes before Liftoff. The next launch window starts at 5:31. Thursday

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