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Banyana Banyana coach AWCON is surprised by two strange players


Banyanya Banyania team for the African women's cup in Ghana Photo: @Banyana_Banyana via Twitter

Baniya Banca coach Dissary Ellis agreed that the last 21 players in the African Women's Cup (AVCN) could not be selected. Failed to select two players for the Ghana tournament.

Striker Amanda Mithan from Johannesburg University is the two new faces from November 17 to December 1, to face Nigeria, Kenya and Zambia.

Midfielder Rahal Sebati, who played a 2-2 draw with Bania Bania in Chile in Santiago last month, is the biggest name.

Sebatie was one of the four standby players on November 11, 2011, to climb to Ghana before an international friendly match for Hong Kong with Klaus Bianna, Thato Letszo and Hilda Maggia.

The 21-member team was difficult to support. Because they showed me how much they wanted to be part of this great team, "said Ellis Wednesday.

Players who want to play for South Africa will join Sachin. We have been many times to win the tournament. I think about our preparations, and we're ready for the competition. "

The next year's Women's World Cup tournament will be completed in three major tournaments to qualify for France.

Banana Banyan Squad

Goalkeepers: Andy Damalini, Kaylane Swart, Roxan Barker.

Refugees: Leebong Ramelap, Noatong Elecasi, Janean van Wyk (Captain), Noko Matloo, Bambanii Yemen, Tizezo Macbabe, Cockesse Lineline.

Midfielders: Kegelbeen Mohlokona, Mamelo Makhabane, Landre Zedda, Nomulleleo Neondi, Linda Motlolo, Bassev Ndimeni, Riffel Joan.

Strikers: German Sebaceae, Temi Kigutana, Melinda Kwagide, Amandamatandi.

Banyan Group Competitions (SA times)

November 18: Nigeria (5.30 PM), Cape Coast

November 21: Kenya (8.30 PM), Cape Coast

November 24: Zambia (6 o'clock), and the Accra Stadium

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