Wednesday , May 18 2022

Bethesda apologized to the lack of backward 76 communications


Changes and bug fixes coming in the next patch have been revealed

Some admirers say that the disappointment about the current state of the game is very unclear, but because they have no communication from Developer Bethesda Game Studios, they have finally called and apologized for lack of communication about game updates and updates. The team said, "We believe you did not want to be silent, which does not mean." Redit Post On Tuesday. "We are sorry and understand that this is not a proper approach, and we will work to build a better bridge between you and God team on BISS."

Bethesda Game Studios' first multiplayer title was launched two weeks ago, in which people had mixed reviews with people who lacked contact and buggy gameplay, but Bethesda has said they are listening to all the responses and a number of upcoming changes are also detailed in the next patch. , Which is scheduled for December 4 and will have major performance and stability improvement.

What's in the next patch:

    • Players' limit is rising from 400 to 600.
    • The boss will rob more on the basis of the difficulty and the level.
    • Players who are surrounded can be silent on nearby map marker.
    • Addressing the bug so that the players get stuck inside the power armor.

Bethesda has said that she wants to quickly publish patch notes and updates the fans on what Reddit is doing on its official website. "You want to make these articles weekly, so you can know that what the studio is running is related to the problems you are experiencing, with the new features you are excited to share the quality of life or share Related. "

And they have also announced that another upgrade is going on December 11, which will include push-to-talk settings for voice chat, RapP options for players above level 50, CAMP. Ready to bring some more significant changes and features in the game including. Placement tweaks, and more.

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