Sunday , August 7 2022

Blue Train has the second overseas car


The observation car, one of the most breathtaking experiences in The Blue Rain, is the widest part of the landscape.

The second train was set up to 15 carriages and the total length was 328 meters. In addition to this additions, this includes a striking view of the longer lasting train – a beautiful experience that will attract many people for the Blue Train.

The decoration function in new surveillance is classic, complex and luxurious, without compromising. There are silvery golden tones and rich blue colors. Spacious double glazed window panels offer real-time clear directions for nature as train trips.

There are six four-fold settings with entries at the time of entrance, with a light gourmet meter or a small bowl within the small group.

New qualifying car show can be converted to a conference room for business meetings and events. For this purpose, the lighter chambers mounted above the shining stool are provided by Blue Rain Insania and High Gloss Birch Solid-wood lists. Conferencing setup, including plug points, audio visual setup, projector and screen, is complete.

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