Tuesday , January 26 2021

Boy, 3, got abducted from Port Elizabeth Beach

A kidnapped a kid who was allegedly kidnapped from Port Elizabeth Beach has been discovered.

In Victoria Park Drive, a child who was allegedly kidnapped by a child was found and arrested. She is expected to attend the court of Port Elizabeth Magistrate on Monday.

"The investigating officer received many calls from people about suspected person and possible supervision of the child … and at about 10:45 am, the Detectives squad inquired near the Victoria Park Drive, when they succeeded," Police spokesman Priscilla Nayudu said.

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Naidu said that the child was with her grandmother at the beach in Summerstar, while the suspect presented herself as a Megan, and talked to her grandmother.

"The shopping center had gone to buy a suspected cigarette and took the child with him and never came back."

Naidu said that the alleged offender claims that when she returned with a baby going to the shop, she could not find the grandfather so that she took the child with him. She, however, "could not give a fair understanding of why she does not contact the police".

Naidu said that "The child was taken to the Nagarja hospital for medical check-up and besides being malnourished, he was good."

The boy is reunited with his family.

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