Friday , May 7 2021

CFA has asked South Africa to continue as the emergency hosts of the 2019 African Nations Cup

South African Football Association (SIFA) chairman Danny Jordon has confirmed that the Confederations of African Football (SAFE) wants South Africa to continue as host of the 2019 African Nations Cup in the short run.

Cafe has released Cameron hosting rights over the weekend and the Continental Football Governing Body apparently is moving to South Africa now.

Jordanne told the Safa AGM in Sandton Sunday that the Continental Football Administrator's organization asked SA that it would consider seriously as hosts.

After returning to the CA on Sunday morning, the president of President Saddra attended Afrah, an unusual executive committee of the café in Ghana, where the decision to dump Cameron was taken.

Before making a decision on whether the request is included on the request, Safa SA will get the government.

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