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Check out your smells in the comfort of your home and save your life


POLOKWANE – With an ordinary month 43 to 800 minutes, check your test 10 Take only that not only to save your own life, but also from your dear heart.

Men's Cancer Months in November Prostate cancer and testicular cancer are important. Prostate, cholesterol, lungs, kaposi saroma (KS) (AIDS related cancer) and urinary cancer are among the most cancerous men.

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According to the Cancer Association of South Africa (Kansa), testicular cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among young people. This is because young people are starting self-examinations soon enough.

Men between the ages of 15 and 49 must check their stomachs every month. By bathing or bathing, it is possible to get a diagnosis of testicular cancer, "reports of lethal cancer," says Christopher Cambrink. Polokwane.

The cause of testicular cancer is not known precisely. However, there are a number of risks associated with cancer. Some risk factors like smoking can be controlled. Others can not change things like age or running of a person. Nevertheless, there may be a risk for a risk factors or a number of risks. There is no way to prevent tree cancer.

Accidental reasons:

• There was an unsubstantiated testicle (s)

There have been extraordinary development of tests and / or other organs

Personal history of testicular cancer

Family history of testicular cancer

HIV infection

• Race

• Age

Effectiveness issues


• Is there a family history of breast cancer or malignant melanoma?

Smoke in marijuana

Body size

• While having a vaccomomy – when there is a vaccine, there is no increased risk of cancerous lesions.

The stomachs seem to be difficult

• genetic risk factors

Any person who believes that testicular cancer may be present should discuss this therapy.

"Early diagnosis of trapezium can be done effectively: symptoms of pain or pain in pain, pain, stomach and nerve are the symptoms of one or two symptoms.

How to check your testicles yourself:

How to do an experimental self-examination:

An experimental self-examination is easy: Learn what your body normally feels like, and look for any changes that seem to be the same or just start with something strange.

First of all, decide on a fixed time each month to test your own self.

Check your tests directly with hot bath or shower.

Stand in front of a mirror and look for any speed.

• Support your palms with one hand.

If the stomachs between the stem and the fingers seem to be a breaker – it's usually like a soft-smoother structure on the top,

Behind each testicle, the amount of rice is just as tough as rubber.

Check out tender areas.

• Contact your health advisers if you find any kind of abnormality.

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