Sunday , May 16 2021

Communications Minister & # 39; War at War & # 39; On the job slump with the SBC board

DA M.P. Fumzil van Damman, confessed to the party's assurance letter, said in a statement on Sunday that while NBB-ABRAHAM had a role to oversee the SABB, he had no right to instruct the board.

"The fact is that he has decided to abstain from all connections with the SBBC Board because he has refused to accept his instruction to stop divorce and is a violation of the independence of sovereignty," Van Damme said.

He said that the board has done its best to implement its independence and to create political interference by former communications ministers. However, it is not "clad in dignity" about its proposed plan to release the staff.

Broadcasters present their independent skill and salary audit results until January, and a clear strategic plan of Parliament, or risks to be an ax.

The Van Dame suggested that the trend between the board and minister could be politics. "The SABB board is unable to implement its independence and this is not the situation so Lutuli House will be happy to go to the polls.

"In the past SABC was under its control and it was convinced that the public broadcaster is its home page and the ANC represents the voter in a positive light. With the dissolution of the existing board, Parliament will be allowed to appoint Interim Board, which may be full of ANC-friendly persons Which will be on the back and call of Lutuli House. "

City Press said that insiders believe that the actions taken by the minister were a part of the strategy for the collapse of the board and the new appointment, before the general election.

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