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Cyril Ramafosas will be refunded


Resending R500000 The contribution of the opposition parties contributes to a Pushback from ANC enemies

President Cyril Ramaphosa will pay the money paid to his campaign fund for the president of the ANC for the president, Boossa.

Boosa CEO on Friday Ramagama is a response to Gavin Watson's R500,000 pay 10 days before the National Assembly.

Opposition parties were demanding the decision to decide whether they deliberately misled parliament.

After Ramadoss became president, Ramaphosa, who was opposed to ANC, with the support of the former president, Jacob Zuma, was also expelled.

Ramafoza's helper told City News that Ramaphosa was not worried about giving parliament parliament's false information about a contribution from Boosa.

"He did not know that he paid for his campaign, but last year, he was very far away from the finance department. [during the ANC leadership race]. "

Other politicians who have been mistakenly asserted that the Ramaphas will now have a similar pressure.

"The president does not have to worry about it, we're willing to pay that money back."

Ramafoz propaganda team … In Scribd

Confidential information

Nevertheless, Ramaphosa revealed that the source revealed the names of people who helped financially last year.

In the Q & A session. Opposition parties have responded to the U-Turn on Friday for the question raised by the leader Mumuzi Maimon.

A further question was expressed in the R500000 of Maine, which appears to have given to André, son of Bomaasa Ramaphosa.

At that time, he told the parliament that his son had been involved in the consultancy and had signed up with Boss.

But Ramoso's son, News 24, said: "I have nothing to do with this, I have not received such payments."

The president said Friday that the R500000 was meant to participate in the ANC presidential auction without his knowledge.

Maimane is now calling for parliament to conduct an inquiry into Boosa. The president has to decide whether the limitations of the company's interaction with the president or ANC members are limited.

Other anti-apartheid activists involved were MP Vincent Smith, Mineral Reservation Minister Gweddi Mandeshe and Information and Communication Minister Namwale Mokohan.

"He is [Ramaphosa] Myanmar said he should deliberately explain Parliament or misinterpret the constitution.

"The investigation must reveal that the Rasafa family was in business with Bosa and other members of the ANC."

In the parliament, D. Mathew called for a supervisory committee for the president.

It will also approach parliament speaker to conduct an inquiry in this regard.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EAFF) parliamentarian and national spokesman Mbayneini Nadvi told City Press that Ramaposa should "do it properly".

"It is a lie that Parliament has been lying to Parliament, it should be sworn in, it is a violation of the Constitution, and in our view, he must do an honorable thing," said Annosi.

IFF leader Julius Malama told reporters that an organization stuck with political leaders and disclosing details about funds used during the ANC's election conference. Nusrak, Johannesburg.

"Nasrek used money very much," Malma said.

"The president has never announced that he has established a trust to fund his campaign for the ANC president, and now the President is making a U-turn – why?

"The question of the Opposition leader is asking intelligence chiefs that is not the same, and there are more questions about Nasser's finances."

The Opposition comes down to the deputy president, David Mabuza, to take up the task of taking up the task until the next year's general election.

The parties believe that a Mubas president will fail for the country.

A sparking spotlight threatened

The problems of Ramaphosa are of the compound, the downfall of the former home minister Malusi Gigabye, a struggle against him.

Opponents of the ANC allege that state machinery was used to clean up political opponents in the party and government.

A similar claim was made against former president, Thabo Mbeki.

Response strategies from the Gurgaon's corners are firmly in the National General Council (NGC) next year. This will take place shortly after the elections.

The GCC is going to keep Gagabah in the next list of Parliamentary candidates next year. The branches have been lobby.

This made him a major force against anti-Rafa's opponents.

Gaga's resignation from the president's residence in Johannesburg last Friday resigned.

At the end of that meeting, Cirr Press understood and told Gigabyba that he would not be able to work with him.

The gigabytes of intimate knowledge of the meeting said.

After meeting with the allies of the Eurállenie Chairperson and the Mayor of Maswar, the gigabytes came to light.

If Gigaba did not give up, he would have saved Ramaphos from the fire.

However, she told me that Gigaba has not resigned. He said that the generations of different generations in the ANC should share the responsibilities of supporting the gigabytes.

ACE: & # 39; I am a criminal offender & amp; # 39;

ANC secretary general Aas Mammashle City Press said that the claim of coordinated purging came from where.

"Those who believed they were clean" said Magusula, "it has the right to say it."

"As an organization we are happy, and if anyone is not happy, we should continue to interact and talk [with them]. "

He said earlier that the aim of a devastating state investigation in an independent state.

"At that time, I knew that the whole society was corrupt to me, and how did one prove after someone found that someone was not a corrupt person?

"My picture is lost, so I have decided to leave politics. And those trusts should do what they can to people to believe."

He said that people who complained of misuse of state organs and complained about the misuse of state organs have denied these allegations.

However, Magazzoule added: "Human organs are used by humans.

"It's dependent on those people, how they are emphasized: individuals can say this: Go and search [this one] I do not like [them]& Nbsp; your goal is to break with them, even if you are against them.

"Others have come to you to you and have been told you for an inquiry, and if there is nothing we can come up with something."

Secretary-General of the ANC Women's League, México Obooba said: There was a suggestion that some people had been "spending".

"The discipline of the ANC should be applicable and unelected, and there must be consistency, and if there is no contradiction, it will be a refinance."

A young leader confirmed that a "secret conspiracy" to overcoming Ramaphosa – through an incredible motion in the next NGC-participated in a meeting.

They said Cyril cleansed the people and not allowed them to do so. The ANC members should speak up and say openly about what Cyril does. "


What should you do about the President's statement to Parliament? Do you think he has violated his constitutional oath?

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