Friday , January 22 2021

Dawn Johnson and Jason Statham have & # 39; Chemistry & # 39; Is there

Actor Dave Johnson attends "Skyscraper" premiere in New York. Picture: AP

Wrestler's actor Davane & # 39; The Rock & # 39; Johnson claims that he and Jason Statham are near One "
Biting chemistry ".

The 46-year-old actor is seen in his next spin-off movie 'Hobbies and Shows'. For the former 'Fast and the Fears' & # 39; Co-star has rejoined, and Doeven admitted that she chooses to work with an action star.

He explained: "We started talking about the potential spin-off thing after the Fast Five and when we came around & # 39; Fast 6 & # 39; we started to have a real conversation about it, but then the challenge is only Finding what was creative would be and how we broke it.

"I am really happy that we could not just be creative and chemically blurred – only the bitter chemistry between myself and Jason Statham – but I think you know that the fans are something now, they need some time now."

Dove admitted that always & # 39; fast & # 39; as long as possible. There is an ambition to expand their connection with the franchise.

He told Entertainment Weekly: "When you have a franchise that succeeds as a & # 39; Fast and Furious & # 39; franchise, the goal, definitely my goal was to always try and create a scene where we have as long as possible as possible. .

"And in that spirit, you have to grow and you have to stop spin and you will have to create new characters and new stories, especially when you're coming out of & # 39; Fast 8 & # 39; where you have eight Is there.

"And while he was also a wildly successful, we all massively felt, I, Jason Statham, the studio, all right, now is the time, let's go, so let's go. So it's pretty surreal, but it's very cheerful And very attractive. "

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