Monday , January 25 2021

DJI stole $ 150 million from the company

Chinese technology's largest DJI has found a huge scandal in its ranking, leading to a major loss to Shenzhen-based company.

The DJI issued a statement on Monday, stating that internal investigations had hid the incident. Multiple workers in the scandal "increase the cost of materials and materials for personal products." DGIAN estimates that as a result of fraud, the total loss may exceed 1 billion yuan ($ 150 million).

"The DJI keeps our employees in strict moral standards and takes violation of our Code of Conduct seriously."

– Official DJI statement

The company has not yet disclosed the total number of workers involved in the gift, but Chinese publication, China Securities Journal, has written that 40 people of the company have been investigated. The employees involved have been fired and the law enforcement investigation is underway. Details of how employees were successful in achieving the consequences of their fraud or their circumstances are not known yet.

In 2006, Frank Wang was the leading player in the International Dock Market (controlling the market's three-quarters). They had more than $ 2 billion in sales in 2018. Due to some significant industrial agreement and strong consumer sales, it was recently valued at $ 15 billion. DGI employs around 14,000 employees worldwide, most are based in China.

The DJI recently released Osmo Pocket, Portable, Personal 4 or a Wagging Camera. You can watch our current video, in which our guys test various ND filters around Osmo and Barcelona.

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