Saturday , June 10 2023

Egypt: Cancer patients use drugs in a new Egyptian workshop


Cancer Disease Mehran Khaleel launched a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy in 2012. Cairo joined the workshop on how to effectively hide the signs of surgical treatment of cancer patients.

"This helps a lot of mental illness, and the drug seems to have changed us," 46-year-old Khaleel is cooperating with many plasma cancer patients.

& # 39; B Beautiful & # 39; s in Lebanon and United Arab Emirates A workshop is part of this month's launch. At least seven hospitals in Egypt will begin this month. Cancer patients can provide makeup tips, mental health support and advisories for nutrition.

"Cancer patients have good effects and good nutrition when it comes to improving her mood, which strengthens her immune system," said Hadi Elam of founder of Hoda El-Imam Foundation. Conducting workshops.

The aim is to offer workshops within a year of five Egyptian governorates.

Fatty Fouzie, a five-man named Fitin Fauzi, who is studying the painting on the neck of the Cairo Marriott hotel, said.

"I went to my hairdresser and completely shaved it, I was crying and crying," Fouzie told Reuters 46.

"And then I can not tell you a chick wig like my hair and I can have cancer."

Recently she dropped out the wig and she's still smiling at the face of the fascist, telling her makeup makeup.

Gadda Salah was diagnosed in 2013 after breast cancer. Chemotherapy has started to try several fingers and colored caps after the hair.

"I did not want to show illness," she said. "I do not want poor people to think of him, he has cancer." "

The organizers hope to expect 5,000 Egyptian women in the first year. Dinar Omer, the Great Photographer, said.

According to the World Health Organization, one out of every six deaths on a cancer is one. In the lowest and middle-income countries, more than 70% of deaths from cancer have occurred.

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