Saturday , June 10 2023

First! Bookmark and Universal Music Group Landmark Distribution Partnership of Africa – Pride of Ghana!


Music based entertainment is the Africa's leading company, Internet Music Streaming and Downloads Service, and the Universal Music Group (UMG).

UMG is the first major music company to acquire Catalonia license in Boompatty. Has become the most popular streaming service in Africa. After the expiry of multi-year covenants, UMG's world-class labels will be distributed through music and streaming through Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia. Currently there are more than 2 million songs in Bangladesh, and 36 million users, and nearly two million new users added each month.

Eminem, Techno, Post Malone, Nicki Minaj, Lady Sammar, Lil Wayne, Bob Marley, Brenda Fassy, ​​Woorld, J. Call, Dr. Users now have access to UMG's Advanced Catalog of Local and Global Recording Artists such as Tumi and Nashu. Diana Rose, Hugh Muskala, John Bellan, Larry Gaga, Tamia, Maroon 5, AKAAAAAAAAAAA, TJJ, J PRESSA, NONS BASI, MAPICALSOLO, SINNA SOL, Ell Mai, Mr.

UMG announced the launch of its new university, Universal Music Nigeria. The new division in Western Africa announced the launch of a wide range of artists in the region, and the Pan-African Talent won the best international success. UMG focuses on the company's attention to developing African music habitat, including record music, music publication, production, live events, brand partnerships and commercial activities.

Universal Music Group, Executive Vice President, Market Development granite Adam said, "and we offer many of our African artists are creatures of their programs to speed the creative, marketing, and promotional resources. This snappy music of the growing market. UMG artists to approach a new audience Help, at the same time, supporters of the African music streaming experience which will help you to get the benefit of artists and ganaracayitakkaluteyum. "

"This partnership enhances our inspiration and makes our artists' music available to millions of African music enthusiasts," said Scizosi Eis Jr., general manager of Universal Music Nigeria. "We want to introduce the unusual creativity of our artists, the first global music company that we share with the boomeracterie, to as many African consumers as possible."

Boomerler's partnership, which enriches the digital biological system, will continue and music lovers will always be associated with their favorite songs at anytime, said Beepla's CEO Jo Joe.

"Bartpler has collaborated with a well-known music company in the Universal Music Group of Music Music Industry in the world, especially with boomerlar users, and is determined to stay in the musical style of music," he said.

The currently available boompap app for Android users is expected to be released through iOS next week. In addition, when choosing a new automatic renewable subscription plan they can get a new monthly subscription.

Boomley is a music-streaming and download service owned by Transste Music Limited. There are lakhs of songs and videos in the boom, and music lovers connect their favorite songs anytime and anywhere. Boompad now has 36 million users, out of more than 10 million Google Play Store and the remaining global test for Tesco, Infinics and Italia devices. The service is now available for the web and Android use. The best African app gained from African Apps for 2017 Awards allows visitors to stream and download their favorite songs and videos, and subscribe to a plan to save music for offline play. For years, the introduction of various payment platforms and music lovers can also provide music money through mobile phone, bank cards, or boomCountine cards. It intends to build the largest and sustainable digital music ecosystem.

Music Music Group (UMG), Record Music, Music Publishing, Merchandising and Audiovisual content were among the 60 most successful countries in the world of Music based entertainment. Recording and music are the most comprehensive catalogs of all music music, the UMG recognizes and develops artists, the most critically acclaimed in the world, and produced and distributed commercially successful music. The development of services, platforms and business models will be handed over to UMG, art programs, innovation and entrepreneurships to enhance artistic and commercial opportunities for our artists and create new experiences for fans. The Universal Music Group is a seamless company.

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