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Fisherman Tale Review: short but sweet vir puzzle game

A Fisherman Tale Review

We have a VR puzzle game called Fisherman Tale, developed by InSspace VR and developed by Erzona Sunshine and the Squirewed Fame Vertigo Games – which is available for PlayStation VR (PSVR), HTC VAVA, Windows Mixed Reality and Oakles Rift. It is open to the news that the terrible storm is ready to run on the beaches, and not every fishing utensil has yet returned to the port. What can a fisherman in a cabin attached to a lighthouse?

Charming ir puzzle game

A Fisherman Tale

A short, sweet puzzle game.

Fisherman Tale does not last long, but what he does is the winning combination of puzzles, animations and stories that cost the cost of an entry.


  • Smart use of puzzles for puzzles
  • Velvet Voice Acting
  • Glamorous Animation
  • Hearty story
  • High amount of polish


  • Under just two hours of content

What would you do Love About a Fisherman Tale

In a Fisherman Tale, you play as a small wooden stall in a model belonging to the old lighthouse, in which the model cabin is also attached to the inner lighthouse of its own and so below. Scale goes both ways, which means that even outside of your model, there is also an infinite supply of large lighthouses and cabinets, which make some very nice scenarios like facing each other two mirrors and expanding the endless tunnel.

Fisherman Tale is a mix of storytelling and artwork, and it is full of puzzles that depend on scale and alternative realities.

This is a puzzle game, and most of the challenges involve the design of this level in some way. In your efforts to reach the top of the lighthouse, you will usually need to search for parts that will fix key to neglect or open key doors for years, but not everything on your scale. For example, if you have a small piece of hardware that needs to be large to work on your scale, then you can put the hardware into a model within your model. What happens at the bottom, so goes down, and the hardware you got in your cabin has become very big.

Yes, most of the puzzles involve trekking of something lost over the years, but I have not found it repetitive (have been assisted by a suspected short platoon). You meet new characters who are eager to help you (after getting something to help you), size and multiple-real mechanics will stop you for a few more times, and puzzles become more challenging than you use. Game how it works.

Superbay voice description by Augustine Jacob is called a festive bestseller and you imagine that you're inside the storybook is only enhanced by art style and simple animation. She is full of charm, and the story is told she is very loving and lovingly lapsed. During the playthrough, if you choose puzzle suggestions, instead of drawing attention to your objective, the narrator will add a little depth to the story that will help you in your search. A beautiful soundtrack, beneath the backgrounds, Gull Radees and Winds Wind, completes your time here.

What would you do Dislike About a Fisherman Tale

A Fisherman Tale Review

It took just an hour and 45 minutes to see a credit role in Fisherman's Tale, which is unfortunately too short. Pearls are found in every level to promote other playthroughs, but except to spend time and forgetting the riddles of puzzles, I do not think there is a ton of replenishment. It's not to say that this game is not worth $ 15, but I can spend more easily here to solve more puzzles and more puzzles. I understand that developers want something tight and easy without repeating, and in that sense, they succeeded.

On the technical side, this game is gentle. I did not come in any crashes and except for two clippings in one thing or a wall (pieces which should not be where they are soon reset to their initial position), everything worked smoothly. If you solve a puzzle too long, the signals can repeat the speaker twice, whether signs are on or not, but something is not boring.

You should buy A Fisherman TaleWhat?

If you think about the fisherman's story as much as an evening in cinema, then $ 15 is well spent. Unless you're sick of it, you probably will not run this game for a long time, but if you do not drop many dough in two hours of entertainment (if you go for all pearls) this game should be good money.

Out of 5

Multiple-reality puzzle mechanics get the best results from scratching, and you have to make some thinking of reaching the end. There is a detailed description, artwork is beautiful, and the tutor does a perfect job of setting the tone.

Charming ir puzzle game

A Fisherman Tale

Available for PSVR, RIFT, VAV and WMR

Fisherman Tale tells a heartwarming story when you solve interesting puzzles using scale and multiple realities. It's gentle, it's a complete detail, and it's worth the cost of entry.

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