Sunday , May 9 2021

Fuel price reduction is a relief from festive season

A significant reduction in fuel prices will provide relief to consumers for festive season.

Gautang Motorists will pay R1.84 less for both petrol and 93 octal petrol per liter from Wednesday.

The energy department said that diesel prices will decrease by R1.45 and R417 and Paraffin R 1.78 respectively.

LP gas will decrease by R2.43 p / kg.

During the period under review, prices of petrol, diesel and published paraffin have decreased in the average international product prices. The Energy Department said that, compared to the earlier period, the rand was appreciated against the US dollar during the mean period.

"This contributed little to the price of petrol, diesel and published paraffin fundamental fuels."

The Automobile Association (AA) said last week that the estimation of fuel prices in 2019 remained uncertain.

"Riding in fuel prices during the last year shows that the impact of the value of international citizens and the impact of rand / US dollar exchange rate on the life of civilians is big. In 2019, the look for fuel prices is cloudy, but we hope that some stability Will come, "said AA.

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