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Africa Risk Reward Index November 2018: Climate change of investments revives the growth of the continent after its high economic clout

Subscracker has developed a report on an enhanced rehabilitation report on growth in Africa (SSA). It is an investment return, risk,

Now we are reviving African investments and investing in businessmen. The third edition of the African Risk Reward Index finds Accidental Control (,

Economic and financial turbulence The report reports that rapid growth in sub-dubernar in Africa (SSA) is resuming with weak growth since the early nineties for many years. The SSA's GDP growth is predicted to rise to 3.7 per cent next year. In 2017, it increased from 2.6 percent to 2.9 percent. In 2016 1.1% make anemia. By 2020, the SSA growth would rise to 4.3%. Other major economic indicators such as the Foreign Direct Investment Standard have also improved. Most African Risk Reward Index detection mainly focuses on Africa's approach to the "common suspects" of particular economic products between Nigeria and South Africa.

Since the last report in June, Nigeria and South Africa have only seen minor progress in trading the Ribbon Rewards. There are recent warnings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which supports the African economy, which analyzes the poor relative performance of this economy.

It is important to understand an investment destination that goes beyond the headings

By the end of 2017, new leaders can see a far-reaching political shift across the streets of the African subcontinent, such as Angola and Ethiopia. Zimbabwe's reforms will only be followed, "the report said. Risk redevelopment scores have seen significant improvement.

Senior analyst Barnab Fletcher of Control Risks says: "Since the first edition of the Africa Risk Reward Index, the continent has seen dramatic political changes, however, we see the great rhetoric from the new leaders and the structural structure that has existed over the years can not be replaced by unwise policies. It is crucial to understand an investment destination going beyond. "

Oxford Economics and Chief Economist, East & Southern Africa, and Jacques Nel adds: "From the point of view, the most interesting change from the first edition of the index, the majority of the continent, in Nigeria, the economic slowdown, oil crisis facing the back. This is a more favorable view of the latest riva Reflected in the score data, it shows that we receive from other African bhumisastrannalil. "

The Third Edition of the Africa Risk Reward Index reflects the impact of the present and future political change. Democratic People's Republic of Congo (DRC), Nigeria and Gaon, focus on their recent and upcoming elections and their influence. Uganda and Rwanda are looking at the perspectives of the two countries and looking at the two countries that have a lot of things. Although different economic ideas and leadership styles have divorced their psyche, growth and investment progress are in good standing for both the countries. .

In Tunisia, it is difficult to fully recover from the 2011 Jasmine Revolution, but where are the early signs that the government-backed reform agenda has a positive effect?

November 2018 Africa Risk Reward Index Downloadable here:

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About Africa Risk Reward Index:

The African Risk Reward Index ( compared the performance of each country with its African company to the biggest and growing markets on the continent. The size of its bubble, the reward rate and the location of each country is defined by the size of the country's GDP.

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