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How much time do you spend with your genes? MNN


The color of your eyes and the color of the hair. Could you hold your tongue? You have the chance of having diabetes or high cholesterol. These are your parents, grandmothers, and duties of everyone who comes before them, all of them covered in your DNA. Genetics is very strong, and often decide who you are and what you do.

It makes sense to think that long life is connected with your genes. But no new study has been suggested by 400 million people.

It is based on how long we live all our lives. DNA is less than 10% The study of the journalistic journal says that this was decided.

Researchers at The Online Family History Site, along with scientists from Calico Life Sciences, have helped to understand the relationship between genes and lifespan, appealing to old age biology.

Birth year, birthplace, 439 and family profile of 323,145 people.

Researchers focus on the births born between the nineteenth and twentieth century using mathematical and statistical calculations. Unconventional Values ​​- Determining the extent to which long-term is genetics – can be traced back from previous studies. That means that up to 20 to 30 percent of the genes determined by life, the relatives of those relatives relate to about 15 percent.

Spouses and Husbands

Big family
You do not have to relate to people to share similar life spins. (Picture: GlassSky Tattoo / Shutter Stock)

Researchers found that sex life is similar to each other. In fact, they were more than brothers.

The mates are not only sharing the same environment but also sharing a common lifestyle and diet with a possible explanation.

In fact, more interesting and research relatives, relatives and relatives and first relatives found similar livelihoods that they were not connected and that they did not usually share the same house. According to researchers, they know that they call "some mating".

"Factors that emphasize a lifestyle are very similar to their mates," says Graham Ruby, author of Gogoi Life Sciences. What people mean is that they choose partnership with their own behavior. In this case, how long will they live?

It is clear that when you meet them, you can not tell someone. Hence, communal mating must be based on other attributes.

The researchers use a model of revenue. Influences all life long. Rich people are married to other rich people, so they are connected to their lives all the time.

The researchers determined that conventional skill was 7% long, adding to the addition of a combination of their calculations.

Cathy Ball, co-author of the study and Chief Scientific Officer at Anstry, told a synonym: "This study shows that despite the genetic component, there is a very strong influence from many other forces in your life."

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How much time can you spend with your gene?

Do not look after your parents or grandmother as you set your longevity.

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