Thursday , January 21 2021

How to kill linear TVs is streaming

Traditional pay TV services are looking at the edge of the Cliff, because streaming giants such as Netfix and Amazon are ready to take their place.

It is not the words of analysts, but the high-level executive – Multi Choice South Africa's CEO Calvo Mawla

Mowella said to Myrbodband, "We are a sustainable, mature industry that monitors a rock."

He argued against New rules The salary proposed by ICASA on the TV industry, and the rules will push the industry to the rocks.

Around the world, streaming video services rely on roasts, while TV broadcaster is looking at the end of their race quickly.

In the annual Emmy Awards, Netflix and Amazon Prime 26 went with 12 awards. While all the Primetime Emmy awards were given during two weeks, Netfix and HBO collaborated with 23 each.

HBO, the game of Thrones, a hit show back channel, has always been Emmy's darling. Last year Netflix broke HBO's 17-year mark as the most reputed network.

Because the company plans to spend $ 13 billion ($ 90 billion) on its shows and movies in the current financial year, Netfix has invested heavily in its original content production.

While Netflix's investment size is not the same, Amazon and YouTube have promoted their product and content acquisition.

Last year, Amazon Ering Show watched Tom Klan's Jack Ryan, The Romanoffs and Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny. He will continue to produce titles such as The Grand Tour, and will benefit from the distribution of shows such as American Gods.

New science-fiction and fictional shows like The Dark Tower, The Wheel of Time, Good Omnes, and The Expans are also coming to Amazon.

YouTube has also released many original shows last year, however its YouTube premium service is available in only a few countries.

Some of its original shows are Origin, Youth and Outcome, and Step-Up: High Water.

When youtube demands a slow game for the subscription on the market, its main service of content created by ad-supported users is getting popular.

Creeping Doom

Recent data on the Pay TV TV market show that cable and satellite companies in Europe and the US are either stagnant or bleeding consumers.

According to S & P Global Market Intelligence, the US In Traditional Pay TV TV providers registered a drop of 3.7% in subscribers.

Imarketar added that 186.7 million adults in the US will see traditional salary TVs in 2018, showing a reduction of 3.8% compared to the year before.

The reduction, and high prices for the Leitchman Research Group, are one of the main reasons Report Pay-TV subscribers cost $ 107 per month. Netfix's HD service is available for $ 11 in the US.

In South Africa, Multi Choice has begun to see the decline of its DSTV premium subscriber base – after US trends.

While overall customer support for DTC is increasing, this growth comes mainly from lower-end, less profitable subscribers.

DTCV Income and operating profits are still rising for the moment, although their average revenue per user (ARPU) has decreased. At the end of March, the multi-choice ARPU R344 – was below R353 last year. By the end of September ARPU had dropped to the R335 level.

Factors influencing the uptake of streaming video and factors affecting Pay-TV cancellation – It is not clear how long it would take for more affordable DSTV services to grow for affordable broadband, live sports and cost access.

As affordable, high-speed broadband becomes more available in South Africa and the rest of the room, the reason is that more people will take inexpensive streaming video services.

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