Saturday , February 4 2023

Huawei fight – Trump against Ramphosa


After asking South Africa telecommunications companies to help Huawei, President Cyril Ram Fosas is supporting China in its trade war with the US.

In May, US President Donald Trumpk ordered The Chinese companies ban Hewai and ZTE by selling their equipment in the U.S.

US The Department of Commerce also placed Huawei on the blacklist Which prohibits it from doing business with American companies.

Trump Administration says that Huawei helps Beijing in espionage and represents the security risks denied by the company.

Huawei's bans have significant implications, including loss of support from chip makers and future access to Android updates.

South Africa joins the fight

The Sunday Times report In the current trade war with the United States, President Cyril Ramphosha has thrown South Africa's weight behind China.

The report said that CEO of Cell C, MTN, Vodacom and Telecom sought the President's help to meet the possible reactions of the Huwei ban.

The CEO said that the original ban on Trump's Huawei threatened the security of $ 100 billion in infrastructure and had a major impact on the South African telecommunications sector.

Ramaxa spokeswoman Khosa Dico said that the President was concerned about the potential impact of South Africa's 5th development ban.

Dico said that the President expressed concern about efforts to reduce Huawei's extensive efforts and any efforts to believe in the telecommunications space as an advanced solution.

Huawei's tools are used South Africa's major telecommunications companies and it is the country's best known network equipment vendor.

Trump makes the controls on Huawei easy

At the weekend, Trump said it has made the controls easier As part of a trade conflict with Beijing, on Huewei, removing immediate threats on the global economy.

Trump said that Chinese President Xi Jinping has told the US. Pledge to buy "tremendous" quantity of agricultural products.

After meeting in G-20 on Trump and Xi Saturday, the two countries have planned to resume the trade negotiations broken last month.

Trump told reporters that he would not spare an extra tariff for China for "time" and that he would be " Companies will be allowed to supply Huawei.

"US companies can sell their equipment to Huawei," Trump said. "We are talking about devices where there is no national security problem with them."

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