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Human remains found on Mars can kill it


In 2003, NASA poured into the atmosphere of Jupiter with the last fuel in space travel to avoid such an accident. Galileo can come in seconds at 30 miles per second.

14 years later, NASA repeated this protection-lunar condition. Cassini mission Between 2004 and 2017, Saturn devised and studied satellites. In September 2017, when the fuel fell, Cassini's operators deliberately pushed into the atmosphere of Saturn. There it is broken.

Mars is aimed at seven active missions, including two rovers, Opportunity and Curriculum. On November 26th, NASA's Insight mission intends to land on Mars, where the measure of planetary magnetism is measured. The parallel program started in 2020 is the European Space Agency's Exxom Rover and NASA's Mars 2020 Rover designed to find evidence of life on Mars.

Robotic rovers are less likely to be polluted by Mars, as all spacecraft designed to land is subject to strict sterilization process before the launch. These rovers have very little micro spin.

Some of the Earth's living organisms that are trying to get out of underground grounds are harder to go from Mars to Mars. The parallel X-ray, the ultraviolet light and the cosmic rays combine to disappear spacecraft from the distances.

Any bacterium hidden in the rotor will live on Mars. But if we get out, the atmosphere from the thin Mars is not protected from high energy and sterilizing radiation. That bacteria may soon be killed. In this harsh environment, if currently life exists, hiding above the surface of Mars. Rovers did not find caves or caves in search of marigold microbes.

Mars exploration has been restricted to vehicles not yet available, the planet remains free from earth's soil.

But when Earth sends astronomers on Mars, they use livelihoods, power distribution systems, ecosystems, 3D printers, and food and equipment. These objects can not tolerate even the spacecraft. Human colonists will generate waste, food and machinery to try to pick up the machine from mechanization. By living on Mars, human planets will pollute this planet.

Every effort is essential to prove that all future Mars and previous life exist in the future before the future missions to Mars. Decisions can be made about sending colonies that we find there.

If we are ignorant or not overlooked about the risks, there will be a man's existence on Mars. The problem of bringing back the life of Mars is seriously debated before the very grave consequences of serious social, legal and international issues.

Can Mars be the environment of the earth or the human health? Is there any country or a group capable of accelerating all life on earth?

A plan has been put in place for colonies to build municipalities. NASA, the UAE Mars Project 2117, Space X, Mars One,

Weststab is a professor of astronomy at Wanderbelt University in Nashville, Tennessee. This article first appeared on

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