Saturday , January 16 2021

Join the Super Blood Wolf Moon Beach Walk tonight

Tonight (Monday, January 21) will be the first full moon beach walk from Baghugs Beach (Warner Beach) of 2019.

Local people are requested not to allow them to go through this because they will be the last super Wolf blood moon by 2022.

Walking bags will start at 6 o'clock in the beach. Walkers will make way back to WinklesProit or Subway Beach or later in the baggage.

Dogs can be brought to dogs Bray fires will be available after going to join walkers at the Wardon Ski Boat Clubhouse.

The answers to the questions can be given by Yvonne 074-190-0949.

More on Super Night Wolf Blood Moon tonight:

People from north and south america, most of Europe and Africa, can see a glimpse of the night moon night from January 20-21, the last event of this type is 2022.

Times Live explains that for Europe and Africa, sunlight will be fully eclipsed.

In South Africa, the full moon will remain in the shadow of the Earth from 5.34am to 8.51am, and the total eclipse will last approximately an hour.

When the eclipse starts, the shadow will be left to the left. During the eclipse the moon will still be visible, but in red shade. So the moon eclipse is often called "blood moon".

In his article, Times Live explains that red color is due to the same phenomenon that the sunsets appear pink, orange or red.

Learn more by reading the article here: Majnsi to get an overview of Super Blood Wolf Moon

However, if the total lunar eclipse occurs approximately one to three times per year, then this difference of one to three years will appear until the other appears. The next full planet will appear from Europe on May 16, 2022. Meanwhile, some partial lunar eclipse occurs.

When the Earth runs exactly between the Sun and Moon, total eclipse occurs.

Cloudy weather can interfere with viewing, but experts say that in case of solar eclipse, there is no need to turn out special glasses and watch the moon eclipse.

Because the moon does not produce its own light, but it reflects the sun's light. By doing so, the light of the moon is not bright enough to damage our eyes.

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