Friday , May 7 2021

Just In: Patricia D. Leale announced the name of the new party

On Sunday, Patricia D. Lille announced that her new political party is "good".

"The name and identity of this movement is here to see everyone. It is a simple and authentic name that we boldly say about what we stand for and we are always here to disrupt politics.

"He is calling good South Africans to resume his optimism and reconciliation project," said Dee Lille in a statement posted on his Facebook page.

Former Mayor of Cape Town, D. Lille, recently resigned from the Democratic Alliance for 18 months and joined her at the party, when she joined independent Democrats, who founded and took the lead in 2010.

She was accused of turning eyes on the eye to corruption and poor management, and she said that when she began addressing the local scheme of the colored she came back behind the "cable".

* This is a developing story.

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