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Liberia / Zimbabwe: Liberia spi Warriors Day

Zimbabwe's Warriors were against the African Cup football tournament in 2019.

On Sunday, Chidambamba's team surrendered in a Group Ground. She was ranked 11th in the match at Manchester.

The WIERS will be able to avoid any mistakes made in the final qualifying match in March next year.

Liverpool captain William Jebrer grabbed control of the last 18 minutes in the last match when he grabbed the only goal of the game in Samuel Kanyon's Dr Sports Complex in Montevideo last night.

Waugh's win came from Group A-Jase in the quarterfinals of the first year.

The Warriors Group has gained eight points.

In the first phase of the Liberia, the draw was pulled out of the group's bottom-line by a seven-point second.

When the two teams qualify for each group, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (6 points) and the Congo-Brazzaville (5 points) were split 1-1 at Brazilian.

Manchester will be participating in the tournament in March next year. All four teams hosting the AFCON finals in 2019 will take part in qualifying matches.

Warriors started with three points cushion.

But Lon Starc defeated Tony Tisdal 72 minutes in the pre-match Jorboro's Top Crook win.

However, if Zimbabwe's goal was more accurate, it should be relieved.

There were some possibilities in two works.

In his post-competition interview, Chidambaram had good experience. Vice Captain Ovidicus and Franz-Tinu Kadouwer guilty of guilty, Knowledge Muzona and Khama Bill were unusual confederations.

Zimbabwe is the first of the first qualifiers to qualify for one goal. The Chidasubah believes that this group was convicted of liberarians.

"I think he is a good player in football, the home team played well, they fought, and they won when they got it.

"We missed the opportunities we had, we were thinking about football, we missed the game because we never took it easy, we missed some opportunities.

"I think what we have to do now, even if we have a team to win and win our last match, to win in our final match or let us go to Cameroon.

"To be honest with you, I think our predecessors are a bad day today, they are not playing well, they can play better than they have done, try to do more of our attacks, get a lot of opportunities in the last game, and get the AFCON final in the final," said Chidjamba.

The Warriors must have ended in the house when the last March March was finally hosted at Congo Brasow in the group match. The eight-point bag ends at the top of the group ground above the home ground.

But in the other final group competition of Kinshasa, the teams must take both the teams to take the relationship between the DRC and Liberia.

Chidambhava is not happy with their campaign in the last two games.

If they had stayed on a draw yesterday, the Warriors had to avoid waiting to wait four months to know their future.

In fact they had won the home ministry last year against DRC. Only two games could qualify for them.

Yesterday they had shared a spoil, but after 18 minutes left they had a frustrated torture.

Calculators will now be required to run permutations in a nearby opposition group.

Zimbabwe had to play in Kinshasa, in DRC and Liberia. Zimbabwe was beaten last night.

If Zimbabwe has moved to Congo, in the worst case, both teams will end up eight points. In this situation, encourage the Kong.

On the other hand, they will take up to 10 hours to fight Liberia DRC, but can the DCR get nine points?

Thus Zimbabwe, when they fail, the Congo-Liberia match will produce a winner if the competition becomes a record.

The war continues.

In the 20th minute, Waheer's pendulum hit the winning streak.

The first attempt was made by Kaiver who came from a long wound. The talent lasted 81 minutes before reaching the shaft.

The French based forward was a mistake. When he is a defendant in front of defeat, he is missing. Before a simple pass break, a classmate would be introduced.

Zimbabwe could not find the best score. But Warriors could not perform well and this was the best performance of the career. Ethanic Lafor scored a goal when the goalkeeper Edgar Sibanda ran out of the goal. Liberia reached the 70th minute in the 70th minute. His low shot of Ashley Williams.

Deck was eventually broken in 72 minutes, and Tisdel gave a tape near Captain Jebrek, giving the lowest cross on the left.

Rodrígel Chinjazeger and Ivan Russie took the innings defeat. Warriors were Man of the Match. Score: West Indies first innings lead


Liberia: Williams, W. Jabour, Johnson, SimuJulah, T Dennis, McCormal (Kamra, 46 Minutes), Ninji, A. Lafore (Swann, 88 Minutes), Dorley, Sherman (S. Nemily 62min), T. Tisdale.

Zimbabwe: e. Sibanda, R. Pfumidzai, T. Heedbe, A. Muthu, M. Munasee, W. Cuttsende, M. Nicamba, O. Kararu (T.Kokivi, 61 min), K. Musson, K. Billet R. Chain Jegger, 81 minutes), Kadaware (RUSHIC, 81 min.)

Liberia … … … … … … … … … … … …. (0) 1

Zimbabwe … … … … … … … … … … … … 0

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