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Manchester United's social psychology has missed, and after the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, it is necessary to reclaim

T.In your statement, many of you have to shake your head, it is to say that it clearly shows clearly on the surface. Manchester United can be saved, and Sir Alex Ferguson He knows how to do it. There we go. Who would have thought?

Everyone has the answer to how to save the drowning ship of a football club. Jose Mourinho He drew his attention. But, few people have experience that they do. So what went wrong? I say that Mourinho was as easy as he did not believe in who he was. Ferguson knew what Mourinho did not do? For one, they knew how they could lead their psychological philosophy, including their intimate understanding of social psychology.

United has a high powered side. There can be no excuse here. At least the attack there is a title-challenging side. Not only that, but the challenging side title for some years.

Perhaps the first thing to know Ferguson, the later managers are created to read and learn before putting a foot on the training pitch, the poet John Doe is a no-man's isle-eyed lesson. Yes, no man is really an island; There is no existence in loneliness We are other people's products and they are ours. The biggest influence on our behavior is that of people around us. If there is a poor link, the chain breaks down due to it. Ferguson had a rarely poor link, and when it was there, he immediately broke it.

Common criticisms of Mourinho's tenure were the exhibition, and as an extension, behavior Paul Pongba. Many admirers are considered exactly as a "skilled" player. It is one of the best in the world. Versatile, with accurate, technical and live capability capability. She is also young and a little unstable. Droji Haircut and dressing room with trend for dance-offs and you've got a public enemy number one.

Memories are in short. Cristiano Ronaldo There was no saint, though his work-ethics were superior to Pongba. David BeckhamIf I remember correctly, then Peorokish was also a dress for Barnes. It seems that Ponga can not do any right. The jury is out When he lives, Ponga is good, he is very good. More importantly, when Ponga is good, everyone else is also good.

Ferguson knew that there is no one more than a club, but it should be a place for you. Remember, no man is an island. The influence is important. In any team, hierarchy is essential. Paul Scholes and Roy Keane Kiran did not take an order from Richardson. Quite the opposite. He once reached the ground before Keane once removed the youth from the training, because the music in the team car park was blazing.

Professor Damien Hughes described Keane as a "cultural architect". It was a role model for the players. In any working society, in which a football club is a microcosm, there must be a sequence of both capacity and power. Ferguson is something to be understood. It came from former football days as a dockyard laborer. If you do not respect and take an order, then nothing will be done.

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It's a technology that knows about Pep Guardiola. When he ruled in Barcelona, ​​he converted the club into the best of the world. He made this arrangement by identifying some of the so-called "cultural architects", which others would respect and follow.

Back in 2012, Ferguson met with Harvard scholars to discuss the theoretical side of his managerial philosophy. Incidentally, it was on one side that its players were well aware. His psychology and philosophy was clear to all, rarely concealed, even though some intimate technologies were covered. Eric Cantona, Gary Neville And Rio Ferdinand still talks about it today. Today they are gentlemen; Great man's products When they talk, especially about United, it seems that Ferguson is still in the room he is seeing.

In these meetings at Harvard, Ferguson gave detailed information on how to implement psychological techniques in training. It was the importance of developing a team mentality that whatever he said became a common denominator. & # 39; If you're not inside, you're out & # 39; It was as easy as that. Under his leadership, no one seemed to quit. Because he knew how to deal with people on a personal level. He said: "Nowadays players are living more shelters, so 25 years ago they are more fragile."

Recently Mourinho's interesting line was that he is an analog manager in the digital world. He has not grown up. Their attitude is eligble, but they are less durable and useless than before. Ferguson clearly and systematically incorporates development in his approach.

Understanding players' claims is difficult, Scott understood that at the time, he was involved with the new generation of players to integrate his personality. The next manager, who is also in the age bracket, must speak to the players at their level. You can implement any idea, but only if people listen. The manager must remain a director and it is not necessary to become auur. They must tell the story of the club before trying to tell themselves.

Ferguson was always changing Before entering the pitch, the mind-games had already begun. The hierarchy of dominance is a key part of social psychology. To make his place in the top position, he was waiting in the tunnel and the players were out of the dressing room, so they shook each of their hands. It was not so much for his team, however, for those who were watching.

Be sure to hold the repertoire and eye referee's eyes: Ferguson demonstrated the ability to control it. Players were on their back and call. A disciplined team is difficult. Opponents immediately felt that soon thereafter. The possibility of booking a respected team was less. The referee immediately noticed. Its performance was part of an expanded web. United players scored goals before kicking the ball.

In football, repeat training is key to things like drills. Although not in the team-negotiation. Ferguson once heard the story about a manager that "you would have heard it thousands of times", for which the player jokingly replied, "And I've slept halfway." Do this for Ferguson. Every thing was important, so he had to use his imagination. It is this idea of ​​performance again If you do not listen, your performance is reduced. To avoid this, Ferguson told the story of his players.

He will also talk about war, great players, world leaders, and Andrea musical concerts. This is a little hack that keeps an eye on the audience and helps in keeping the information. It does not make noise like data. Our mind is lazy. Firing over neural routes with something new is an exciting way to capture and excel players' creativity. Doing this in a group, usually after eating, is part of its effectiveness.

His team-negotiated work. They were legendary material. Ferguson was one of United's defining characteristics. Grit is not a mental, physical, symptom. These are related to the ability of the players and the hard work of the club's goals. Not short term, but long term. The main aspects of dust are passion, ambition, self-discipline and optimism.

Drawing on all these, Fergie delivered the most important and influential team-talk ever to the finals of the 1998/99 Champions League: "At the end of this game, the European Cup will be only six feet away from you, and you will not be able to touch it even if you lose it. And for most of you it will be the closest you will get. You do not dare to come back without giving it to everyone. "

Before training, everything was put before the match. He knew that now he's down to the players. His attitude and work-rate are between him and the pride. Focusing on negative feelings of failure and having long-term attendance in their life, it was enough to transform their destiny beside them.

United had never been killed until the final whistle blown, and part of it reached long-term plans. It was important here and now, but only because it was built towards greater glory in the future. All great leaders have this mentality. Although not everyone used to have Ferguson's neat tricks to use it.

In an event now referred to in psychology books, this Scott often becomes the head of the trick of mind. United won the first league title in 1993, waiting for long-term 26 years. She felt good. Nice, too. Ferguson is worried that players will lose a little bit in the Confetti-Lan celebrations. He planned not to make sure that did not happen.

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He said, "I've written three names, I've put them in an envelope. These are the three players who are going to put us down in the next season." The players did not want to be one of those names naturally. But if they were in envelopes, they wanted to prove it wrong. They want to reject the expectations of their own manager.

Ferguson said that he did the same in that same season. He later declared that there are no envelopes there. It was his way of grounding the players, or he said: "It was a challenge for them, because dealing with success is not easy."

Success was always going to their head. The issue was flipping Way Being a question of ego, he went on his head and pushed them forward. In Fliponosis: The Art of Split-Second Pursession, Kevin Dutton explains: "Ferguson gave up the sharp strain of persuasion that gave everyone equally less. He taps directly into his ancient, rigid need to become a member of the team." This requirement is accompanied by most mental processes, feelings of our basic existence, Whose needs are.

All the sound a little useless? Maybe. Success is not easy. Such technologies can be regulated at Macwillian at the time, but it is better than losing. Losing is something that Manchester United can not do. It's not in their DNA. Sir Matt Busby Was the winner. Sir Alex Ferguson was also there. Whatever comes next, they will be wise to use such techniques to continue with the legacy of the club.

Do not be misled, it is important to note that Ferguson did not have all hairdryers and split eyebrows. He was a caregiver. He followed Talent and made a team of local boys who could compete with international superstars. He went to the heads of the players, but only to make them a champion. He managed to grow his psychology to two simple words, which included admiration and positive expression, while supporting his respect and accepting the preservation of a particular standard. "There is nothing better than listening to a player – and for any human being – & # 39; good & # 39;; There are two best words in the games so far. You do not have to use alliteration."

If Ferguson is king of Manchester United, Eric is the Prince of Kent. The Frenchman talked about the manager saying: "I think it's as important as being a good psychologist because he's an activist, maybe more, and Ferguson is that." Hopefully the United Kingdom will keep this in mind and possibly also take advice from Ferguson , This may pass through the gloomy period.

Especially in the last half decade, numerically understandably got a strong footing in football. Science and number is undoubtedly decisive, but there is also a heart. United has proven time and time again. Hopefully, the establishment of firm, determining and teamworkwork – expanded by Ferguson's firebrand social psychology – they will move forward to prove themselves as a team when everyone wants to quarrel.

By Ed Norman @AdanArawal

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