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Meet the beauty behind the MTN Customer Care Volley


Entertainment of Sunday, November 18, 2018



MTN WomenChristopher Chryograph

The famous South Indian actress chromatolo crystallar has opened the famous MTN Customer Care voices.

Kegemoto Christopher, who was found in the video recording, "Recharge with Recharge Funds", which is one of the best educated actresses in the Columbia University of New York, USA.

Although many network users have identified the sound for a white woman, Kegomoto Christopher adds that she has entered her Twitter account. She has been a source of revelation for six years.

And she wrote;

If so, I'm glad I remember what I've always said. I've told my main revenue stream for long-term voice, because I did not have full-time work … this stable MTN is the original I mentioned.

I know some of these. The recording made with the former voice artist is still used before the prompts began in 2012

Records (ivr) internal sound recording. Recording voil style / tone.

I have heard a few days. There were other artists who were white, but the recording is still used. In addition, when they are not available, they use a similar sound, so MTN phone sounds stable

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