Friday , July 30 2021

Mercedes takes the next defeat in Abu Dhabi qualifying

Lewis Hamilton is in Poll's position for the 2018 final race. Picture: Kamran Jabrli / AP photo.

Abu Dhabi – Five-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton leads the rug-hit Paul Positions on Saturday in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the end of the Mercedes Front-Line Lockout season.

Dhruv was the record of Britain's career 83rd and the 11th of the season, and the fifth year in succession, in which Mercedes entered the front row on the Floodlit Yas Marina Circuit.

Hamilton's Paul Lap also had a track record of 34.794 seconds in a minute.

Finnish teammate Vallattery Boats won a front-row slot, last year the race racer spoke at a speed of 0.16 seconds, Sebastien Vettel and Kimi Ricconeen's Ferrari filled the second row.

To kiss Mercedes and then floating on the crowd, Hamilton said, "It is a very emotional qualifying session for me, because eventually I am going to qualify in this car."

"The emotionally roller-coaster I've passed with this car is probably the closest I am to this car which I'm caring with any car, so I'm emotionally connected," 33-year-old.

"It's not always easy, she struggles with it, but this year she has a real privilege to work with and I am thankful to the team, together with this."

Saturday's Red Bull's Max Wreststein was given the last chance to become the youngest driver on the Pole, but on the 21-year-old grid, Australia's teammate Daniel Ricardo was sixth behind.

Romain Grosgennes is ranked eighth in the final of Sabar's last competition, taking the place of Rikon at Ferrari with seventh ranked Charles Laclac for Hassan.

French teenager Estben Ocken, who will move to the next season of the next Mercedes, he placed his Force India ninth on the grid and Nico Hulkberg's 10th position in Renault.

There is nothing in the chapters for the top teams, and do not withdraw any order, Sunday's competition promotes a complete fight for victory.

Hamilton says, "It was so much fun today, who took a temporary pole with his first flying lap in the final stage of qualifying.

"Be able to go out there and just express yourself and push the car as you want, there is no better feeling."

Boatas, without winning this season, when Hamilton had 10 wins, he was hoping he would take the top slot for the second year, but his teammate once again pulled a spectacular drop from the bag.

"P2 (Second) I did not expect … but one or two are good for the final race," he said. "He was doing well, it was hard to beat his time."

Vettel, the winner five times this year, said he was confident of the race. "Looking forward tomorrow, come to the car for the last time this year and challenge these guys, give us all what we have."

Two-time World Champion McLaren Fernando Alonso, running away from Formula One after Sunday, completed the out-qualifying season of Formula E-Beldien team-mate Stauffel Wandoran in each competition.

Spencer will start 15th with a special helmet design and a tribute lever on his car.

Alonso said, "The first priority is to finish the race, check the checkered flag, run the good enough race to feel proud on the last one." "If we are in those things that will be a dream."


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