Tuesday , January 26 2021

NEAR: The automata's high-tech texture pack looks great

Noir's ruins and couture: Automata is looking for a powerful shisha in high-resolution texture pack mode, and without losing its character. I & # 39; HD Texture Packs & # 39; I do not use it, partly because many people are overwrought mess or partly changing the tone and partly because I've become a hobby purist, who emphasizes that Quake should be played without the ease of the texture, but it looks very bad Is there. If you're a guy who will run Platinum Action-RPG again, the creator "GPU" has released a big new version yesterday, which is bringing it closer to completion. Here, check out this original / new comparison video.

Like the remarkable resident Evil 4 HD project, the GPUINTY pack, Neer's bluer texture, changes with the new look, which looks like more detailed versions of the same surface. In concrete there are similar cakes in similar places, the same pattern of rust is a slater metal, but there are more nice details.

G.P. Ninety says, "My goal is to provide a natural restoration to the design of a low-profile, which is to maintain the intended look."

Added detail and contrast it still sees the difference, but if you do not take it into consideration and want a fairly clean yet clever look, this one looks great.

The latest version includes a makeover for 2B. Not in the FakeFactory way Nevertheless, I believe that every fighter lover is already a fake version of mankind.

If you are interested, go above here for download links and installation guide. You will also need Kaldayen's FAR (Fix Automata Resolution) mode but I recommend that anyway fix the mandatory minimum resolution of the game and (if you need some help with the display).

When such a good game has technical difficulties, it is frustrating. Near: Automate is not nearly won as a deadly pre-release (one of the other best games), but I still mention FAR in the recommendation. It is still sorry that publishers left PC updates even before leaving Square Enx DLC.

Nico Rube wrote a pretty bit about last month, Nir and humanity. If you do not read. Me, I finally broke my attention silently – I was sick to fix OK.

There is also a fancy version of 2B as the DLC in Solkilibur VI.

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