Friday , May 7 2021

New & # 39; Splinter Cell & # 39; Can be reviewed at the Game Awards

Small learning pieces
(Photo: Ubisoft)

Aah, Small learning pieces. Last year, Lex and Tees announced a new announcement by Ubisoft Small learning pieces Looks imminent. We are here yet, and there is no word to return to Sam Fisher. But maybe it will change.

Today, the founders of the game's awards, host and producer, Jauf Keiley, presented a newest teaser / hype trailer for the above show, which is set to be held this Thursday.

Now, KeiLi has made a note that the trailer does not mean to scream anything, just celebrate what it means to the industry, and serve as a normal hype observer for the show. The trailer features footage of various sports, particularly released, such as: War of God, Marvels Spider-Man, Detroit: Be Human, And Red Dead Redemption 2. It also offers a slab of the next games, such as: The Last of US Part II, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Anthem, Death Stradding, Gears 5, And Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

And then there is Small learning pieces, Which does not really fit into the category, whatsoever.

Now, it is worth noting that the Sam Fisher footage was drawn by a teaser trailer presented this year by UBSoft. Tom Clans Ghost Recon Wildlands, Which he did. However, if Keiley wants to show some Tom Clans Ghost Recon Widlands Trailer footage, why it uses footage that clearly shows up Ghost Recon Widlands Instead of splinters cell tees?

Next, T.Om Scans Ghost Recon Wildlife Almost two years ago came out. It looks like a fantastic game.

I believe Keil knows what he does, including a very special one Small learning pieces Screaming now, is it just a clever marketing / hype building or a real injury that Ubisoft will reveal the game in the show. who knows. I think he really can not make any sense, but he definitely gets out, and if he does not mean to be a cheesy, then he's very curious.

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