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Northern White Renault: New expectations for IVF rescue


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Sudan is the last of this kind

A new study raises hopes for protecting one of these last animals.

An attack girl was reduced to two daughters of northern white bleeding.

DNA The three white and white cousins ​​of the evidence had never previously been preserved.

Scientists have suggested that using the IVF to produce rheo hybrids may produce good results. This option is considered the last.

The white blood cell division was split into two parts of South Africa, two million years ago.

However, the broader analysis of DNA from Renault and museum specimens has been done by the Northern and Southern people about 14,000 years ago.

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Najin (L) and Fatu: The remaining North White Dt

"Although they began to divide a million years ago, they were transmitting genes in that era, as the last ice age expanded to include African sovereigns and reconnected the two communities," says Dr. Michael Bureford of the University of Cardiff told BBC News.

"If the genes are transferred recently, they can do that now."

Cross breeding using helpful reproductive technology will help protect the northern white bleeding from its current decline.

What is the number of white and northern wild buffalo?

The northern white bleeding in the north of the African continent was once Uganda, South Sudan, DRC and Chad.

Illegal hunting poultry that is not needed for the hornet has caused the wild animals to slow down. In 2008, the wild beast was declared fatal.

Earlier this year, Sudan, a last man, died of a white bleeding at the age of 45.

There are two daughters of daughters and grandchildren living in the All Pajeta Conservancy in Kenya. Nevertheless, both of these can create health problems, not naturally.

South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and the southern Red Renao in South Africa.

Hundreds of hundreds of people have declined, but conservation attempts have resulted in a redemption. About 20,000 protected areas and private game resources.

What do you want to protect the North White Scent?

The survival of the living white living on the north is unfortunate. Depending on the last fledgling efforts, IVF and cloning include.

The precious collection of frozen sperm is still present in the northern and northern parts of the Northern Hemisphere, but the environmentalists are divided about how to use it.

In July, a group of eggs from Indian and South Indian rabbits – in 20,000 forests – a male sperm frozen semen from white white and created hybrid embryos.

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Southern White Renault in the Londolo Reserve in South Africa

New studies indicate that such a approach should be given. Two types of rhinos are more genetic than once thought.

"We hope to improve the possibilities," said Prof. Bradford. "It is difficult to predict what will happen if we cross two cateches, but the current options for northern runners are a more pragmatic option, when other approaches fail."

Other options for creating cells that grow egg and sperm using frozen tissue from a broad pond of northern white rhinos are also present.

It will avoid adding water to jean pool, but it is more challenging to achieve.

Researchers from UK, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and the US have done research. London B Royal Society Progments

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