Friday , January 15 2021

Overstrand Fire: R 44 will be closed overnight

The R44 between Gordon Bay and Rui Eals will be closed at night, which is a fire in Betty Bay area, which spreads New Year's Day to Kogelsby.

Western Cape Traffic Chief Kenny Africa said Clarence Drive at R44 would stop at night and will resume at 9 pm on Monday.

The overland fire that started in the Bay of Between the Bay of Bengal spread this Sunday morning to Kogelbai area.

Earlier on Sunday, holidays in Kogalesbai resort were evacuated.

Cape Town Fire Services spokesman Theo Lane said in the city that there was a large fire near the Kogelsbay mountain.

Overstron officials told EWN that the extensive fire of Betty Bay, Rui Els and Pringle Bay was 60%.

Firefighter continued the efforts.

The accused are likely to appear in the Caledon Magistrates' Court on Monday.

34-year-old Nature Defense is accused of violation of law.

One person has been reported dead.

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