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Plot Twist! Elephants go through a very bad way to snatch elephants


Mother should never underestimate the nature of her nature.

There have been a strange point in younger competitions in the Gorongosz National Park of Mozambique: no third of these horns have ever been developed.

African elephants do not listen to African elephants, usually between 2 and 4 percent. The first generation of the first generation after Mozambique's 15-year civil war was a deep-seated brutal warfare, an era sponsored by the ivory elephant. Most of the ninety elephants have been killed but the horny has not escaped. Now they have surpassed the nature of their daughters.

Dean Fine Maron writes about the National Geographic phenomenon. Not only in Mozambique, however, elephants are taking their fingers into their hands. "There are other countries with the history of unusual ivory hunt, similar to similarities to men and women and their daughters," she writes. For instance, in the Ado Elephant Park in South Africa, 98 percent of women became entrenched in the early 2000s.

"The significance of the radical altero in Ado is certainly remarkable," says a behavioral biologist at the Idaho University and National Geographic Explorer.

A study by Shane Campbell's statistician, an evolutionary biologist at the University of California, says, is a mystery about how this feeling has passed. This phenomenon is only for women. It's not just men. Maron writes, "If this feature had been traditionally X-linked, X crossed the chromosome, helping to determine sex and to carry genes for various genetic genes – because we expect the boys are always getting into a large population of their X-men."

In addition, the world of hunger and hunger is the tragedy of this tragedy. But do they think that they should not have such a crucial tool? Elephants are used with their pistols to capture the bark from the tree to get food.

Several evidence suggest that elephants do not develop any health problems. By using their trunks and teeth, to feed other "elephant" trees in the soil, and for other elephants, the importance of the elephant depends, for example, many species are surrounded by brownish and water emptying around their habitat.)

Now the researchers have learned how much elephant the behavior of elephants has become. Do they need a large area? How fast are they in the area where they live?

"All these changes or all changes can be made to make changes in the distribution of elephants through the landscape, and it is more likely to be the more vibrant models of the ecosystem," says Long.

There are many questions to get answers. It's certainly sure where this is, but one thing is certain: elephants are not going to kill elephants without ivory. These women are in it to achieve it. And when it's quite a solution, it's amazing to see how these unusual creatures teach human beings.

Here you can read the whole moron: if hunting is under pressure, the elephants start losing their horns. Watch the Elephant Voices or below video.

Mother should never underestimate the nature of her nature.

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