Friday , May 7 2021

Portland has appeared on the Nintendo Switch in Fortnight

The next major Fortnight map event could be live some time on the Nintendo Switch.

Portslocks are visible around the map in the Nintendo Switch editions of Fortnight on locations that occur in the Season 6 loading screen.

The first portal is rounded and is not far from where the famous Cube Parade palm started near the edge of the palms.

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The second portal is not a portal, it takes a different shape than the first. If you want to check yourself, this one is located near the brick fence at Snobby Shores. Whatever it was, it was not in November.

The portal has not yet appeared on other platforms.

@ Estben26275691

Although Epic Games is known for the clever secrets and secrets in the new season buildup, Nintendo platforms are getting prerequisite content, it can be just a mistake or a logical problem. Switch also achieves rocket launch event signals before other platforms.

On December 6, on the last day of the Season 6 battle pass, more exotic places can be expected because Fortnight is ready for Season 7.

These map changes can appear in the future version of our Fortnight Quiz, so be attentive!

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