Friday , January 15 2021

Solskager's First Man Utd Press Conference Live: Interim Bose faces all the latest media

Spurs boss belonging to Old Trafford Hotspot

There is another press conference in London, and this one is particularly related to the situation …

Mauricio Pocheti is one of the main candidates to permanently transfer Jose Mourinho to the summer, and he is speaking to the media about his potential to swap north of north London:

"I want to see my good wishes [Mourinho]"He said." I'm very sorry,

"I know it well, and it's a sad news. My business is not that what happens in another club, I just want to convey my wish to Joss.

He can change Mourinho on reports, he added: "There have been many rumors in five years and I respect everyone's opinions.

"There are lots of rumors, but it's not my business that happened. I want to deliver my best show at this football club."

Cleared after that one …

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