Sunday , January 24 2021

Steal Spotlight on Boihti # SAHHA2018

Boatie's first rap song invited her to the South African Hip Hop Awards, which gave a lot of flaw to many, the rapper performed by the presenter took the opportunity to prove that it was not a success in the 2018 co-stages. A new song.

Boeta has ever made one of her unheard songs for the crowd at Gold Reef City, where the awards this year were held on Wednesday night.

It seemed that the crowd was tired of its new song and enjoyed being on stage. There were songs in the song that used to pay attention.

"Look at my man that he is a foreigner," Mirror Mirror on the wall Ya Ba Halognaina ka 'IPa. "Boeta Rapps

In his chorus, Boati says, "They believed that they threatened me, now let's see where they are."

Yes Ray Ba Ba Ba Ya?

Check out the snippet of its exhibition below.

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