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The All-Africa Music Awards celebrates the continent's hiatus

Lagos – After a 15-year career in banking and marketing, Nigerian Mike Dada was looking for a platform to "communicate African power in the rest of Africa".

He decided to establish Afrika – All Africa Music Awards – equivalent to the Grammy of Africa, whose fourth edition took place in Ghana's capital, Akra this week.

In 2014, hard-but passionate about music, he worked with Nigerian private sponsors and a partner in Kenya.

Supporting the African Union, told the local media that, together, they organized the award ceremony "Making jobs" and "Making African pride".

In four years, Afridi has managed to create space as a platform to showcase bubbles, innovative and rich African music industry that has exploded in the past decade.

In Akra, it's not a world music or a room to celebrate.

Instead, it is an Afrop, a Nigerian-born genre that mixes Congos Sokos, Ivorian Coup-Dickell, Ghanaian Highlife and Jamaican Dancehall, who has got African youth dances.

The popular French music channel on the continent, Tres TV's chief executive Olivier Lochez, said, "Music is a bridge."

"In Senegal, we hear Nigerian hits in nightclubs and South Africa's Queto (Afro-house) is exported to all the radio stations in the continent.

"Today, what is brought with Africa … it's sports and music."

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Artists from a wide range of artists have been dedicated to one category.

This year, the claimants include Franco-Malian Aya Nakumura and the Chadian-based artist Amazing Afrotronics which dress like Draft Punk and make domestic music in Spanish with Sahelian rhythm and songs.

Matre Gimmes, who is from the Democratic Republic of Congo and frequently played on French Radio, has over 200 million views removed from YouTube with "Gem Tier" ("I'm out here") and is the most distinguished artist of the year this year.

Wrapper is unrecognized in English-speaking Africa, because Nigeria's Davis is for French audiences, even though they have over 100 million-plus views on YouTube.

African website musician Oris Agoboquebola said to AFP, "Thank you to Arya, we know musicians from all over the world."

Take, for example, Diamond Platman, a Tanzanian who won three Afridi awards two years ago and entered the spotlight.

His duet "Love You Die" with Nigeria's Patoranking, is now played across the globe.

"Ghana has always been good (in the context of music) and countries such as Sierra Leone or Gabby are also coming," said AgobobEVBLO, in 2015 it was named as the best music journalist of the continent.

Nigerian said, "He feels like we are not the only country to create music on the continent".

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Even so, despite attempts to create territorial "best artist" classes, Nigeria and South Africa will gain dominance in the evening.

Big Name Citizen's David, Viscid, and Tiva Savage are the fixtures, while South Africa's Caspar Neoveast and Nesti Sie performed a repeatable look.

Both countries, Sub-Saharan Africa's largest economies have been head-to-head for years.

Today, they are the only country on continental continent with professional production facilities, agents and copyright lawyers.

Although there may be a more sophisticated industry in South Africa, even Nigerian artists benefit from the local market of 190 million people, promoting the number of audiences.

Launchze said that Nigerian songs had to be limited to our new ranking show of African hits.

"Otherwise they will pull out the whole room!"

Nigeria is the clear leader of the Afrop revolution for 10 years.

But it has to be seen that they will retain their edge against a continent on Saturday night, which ultimately wants to hear.

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