Friday , January 22 2021

The ancient shark named after the galaga because its teeth look like an iconic video game spaceship •

Scientists have named the new invented ancient shark after Gallagaga because its teeth look like a spacecraft from the 1981 arcade game.

The story behind the invention of South Dakota's shark, Galgadon Nordquisti, 67m years ago is very nice. Gallegon's small tooth was found in the rear bottom, while Paleontologists Sun Bone was found to be the world's most complete T. Rex fossils were detected. They got out of two tons of dust and met two dozen teeth of new shark species.

Galgadon teeth. Image credit: Terry Gates, NC State University.
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<figcaption>And here's the galaga spaceship.</figcaption></figure>
<p>The lecturer at NC State University, Terry Gates, was a key author of the paper, describing a new species, recently introduced in the Journal of Paleontology. Gates said in a note published on NC State University's website: "The more we discover about the Cretaceous era, the world becomes more bizarre before the non-bird dinosaurs disappear."</p>
<p>"Today it looks strange, but about 67 years ago, South Dakota is now involved in forests, stalks and atmospheric rivers. Gallegon does not want to hunt on T. Rex, Trecreetoptes or any other dinosaur. This shark has teeth that hold small fish Good for keeping or keeping snails and crudes. "</p>
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How Gallagdon can see (C) Welier Siemenowski, Field Museum.

Gates honored the name of Galgadon, Middle School's teacher, Knott Bourne, who worked with Gates at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. The name Nordquisty comes from volunteer Karen Nordquist, who helps Gates get out of the dirt.

However, there is no word on Gallegon's ability to fire laser beams from his eyes.

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