Monday , May 29 2023

The municipality is in need of administration


Suffice it to be in Maakhunda in the Eastern Kempe. They want their municipality to be placed under governance. The water shortages are one of the main problems.

In 2015, the mango municipality has provided cleaning and water to Amatala water.

This includes managing aging conditions. Two years later, the Amorola Water recovered a loan of £ 40 million.

Bonanai Cello has the most part of his life. The waterfall is disconnected at night because of the water reservoirs. He says one day we can remember about 24 hours of water.

"We do not drink the drinking water coming from the tap because it's just as bad as you would be looking brown, and it's so bad, so it's good to get water from the local area, but it's expensive because many families can not afford it so it's hard to get sick "

There is a nightmare for the discomfort of sewage.

Lizziwe Lukwe, Makhanda East Resident: "I'm really sick, even though this water was not my home, I was sick and it was worse, I have too many backaches, kidney problems and other diseases, and this water worsens it, but I'm trying to endure it No choice. "

The authorities are aware of these issues.

Mayor neanhegaga: "For us, we've had and the audits of electricity, water, cleaning, roads, a municipality was, we won the business plans, which we use as the McKenzie Municipality and the business plans used to sreatas'sukarkk., Particularly in the water, and we have already jalavi James klihans They have also won two actions to revise plans for the future, we will get water from there, even if it is for everyone in the city and township apgreduceytittuntenkil, maghantayile. "

See below for service delivery due to lower residents of Makkah:

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