Tuesday , August 16 2022

The new discovery shows glass made from stars which explode


Parsis – The next time you look out of the window to inspire you, you have invented the Nokia material in the heart of a starburst star.

Scientists have identified an international team that has discovered silica: the main element of the glass. This was in the records of two space telescopes from Earth.

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope was used with the help of researchers to analyze the shadow of Silica's fingerprint by analyzing the shadowed megas cluster.

A supernova experimentation occurs when burning through a large star fuel, which disintegrates at a burst of galactic proportion. The sulfur and calcium can be formed to form individual atoms to form a number of common elements.

60% of the Earth's crust is silicate. A special form of quartz sand is an important ingredient.

Like glass windows and fiberglass, silica is an important component for industrial concrete.

"For the first time, we are supposed to produce supernovae universes that can be contribute to the dust of the universe, and ultimately the dust that shapes our native planet," said Hayley Gomes, School Physics and Astronomy at Cardiff University.

"Every time we walk through a window, walk or walk on the go, millions of years ago we have interacted with objects that were created by exploding stars".

Scientists have reported that Lithium findings have been reported in 2016. The metal used in the production of modern electronic electronic devices and the Nova's white dwarf star is a phenomenon that occurs when hydrogen is absorbed from the nearest sun.

Monthly announcements of the Royal Astronomical Society were published.

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