Thursday , January 21 2021

The ridiculous travel habits of Kimley Jenner

The 21-year-old reality star is on her boyfriend Travis Scott, 26, the rapper's AstroWorld tour, but he is definitely not sharing a crowded tour bus.

On Wednesday, Jenny shared a fascinating fact about how Scott and the couple's 10-month old daughter Stormy Webster shared "Get Ready With Me" video to showcase the Rootin – while she shared beauty products on the road And clothes

"Me and Travis have our own room, and after that I can always get a separate room for my wardrobe, makeup and stormie so that she can play a game around her and get more space when she is in the hotel room, because she is always with us Travels, "explained Jenner.

Travis Scott's AstroWorld Tour started a month ago, and is not ashamed to love it for the support of Keely and Stormy in supporting it.

However, beauty mogul can also be tagged with the tour for business reasons: Jenner is selling her Kelly Cosmetics Lip Kits with AstroWorld-branded merchandise in concert concert.

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