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Three items leaked to Ed Woodward Man UTM Email tells us about the club's transfer plan


Manchester United staff has been given the outline of the club's plans for the transit window this summer by leaked Ed Woodward.

And tells us three things about the new approach to Red Devils recruitment.

Email published by The Telegraph, reads: "In spite of the expanded nature of the transfer market and constant speculation and stories, which can be misleading, in conjunction with the recruitment team manager [Ole Gunnar Solskjaer] – The club is working quietly behind the scenes to bring other exciting players to match long-term perspectives.

"At the beginning of this month, after the arrival of Swansea's Daniel James, I'm sure I'm pleased to have signed Crystal Palace's exciting young defender Aaron Vans-Bissakak.

Manchester United gives outlines Ed Woodward's email club transfer plan

"Oron Olne fits perfectly with Philosophy and plans to make his team and he is a player who will excite our great fans just like the season."

During the era of Louis van Gaal and José Mourinho in the United States, the club identified superstars including Angel de Maria, Paul Pogga and Alexis Sanchez, and released sensation money on it.

In addition to Pogda, who has shown an overview of their quality, most of the major moneylenders have flopped in the United States.

Solaszar made it clear that he wants to get rid of the past mistakes and the traditional 'academy to world class' in United States. Focusing on the progression system.

Ole Gunner Solskacare wants to take Manchester United to a new direction

And Woodward's email, which addresses the club's "long-term vision", talks about signing players who "perfectly match Olay's philosophy and make plans to build his team."

Take a wan-boss, for example. Going to the description of the player's Zaha in the Palace Documentary, the 21-year-old defender is thrown at a point where Instagram did not exist and hard work succeeded.

Zaha said, "If you do not talk to him, he will not speak a word." "Literally, it's quiet in the changing room.

"But, he really speaks on it, so everyone likes them, he is not very worried, he just comes in, he does whatever he does, plays his game, plays well and is at home Going.

Red Devils took part in 18 million pounds to sign Daniel James from Swansea City

"The players in the games that they have played against, I was shocked because it's okay, 'oh, he's playing against it. [Alexis] Sanchez today & # 39; He only deals with her. I like his mentality.

"When I am going to the pitch, how am I, whatever kit you are wearing, I am not afraid of your team because I can fear from what you wear, I will play it the same way.

"And he thinks he does it, he will take anyone, he will solve anyone, and that's why I'm doing it just as much as I am."

Woodward also addresses the "nature of the transfer market" in his email, but it continues that the club "works quietly behind the scenes"

Aaron van-Bijakka joins Manchester United in a transfer of 50 million pounds

This suggests that United is thinking of going on another route and signing a superstar in the development – like James – it is not closed by the fact that they have to cash in on serious cash to take the players who want the current market to land.

After all, Woodward's email clearly states that the club looks at "other attractive players", suggesting that United Wille do at least one more signing before the window slam is closed.

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