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Timeline of the murder of Meghan Cremer


Meghan Creamer Picture: Supplied

CAPTOWN – The murderous shopper jumper Meghan Kramer would have been in her car when she drove August. Weinberg passed through the Road block five hours after being abducted on Saturday evening in August.

Richard Bosman, executive director of the City Council's Safety and Security, confirmed that a roadblock was held in Weinberg on Saturday, August Gust W૦, by the SAPS Local Branch Assisted Traffic Service. The driver of the vehicle was not believed to be under the influence and was let go. "

"Who knows what police would have found if their car was searched or the suspects arrested." "Maybe they would be alive today if they were."

During the abduction, the suspects hit a 30-year-old Woodstock bakery manager so hard in the face that they broke his nose so she revealed her bank pins.

They then alleged that they had withdrawn at least three cash from his account for the next two days until his arrest on Monday afternoon. The total amount withdrawn was not disclosed, though a reliable source says it could be several thousand rand.

The information comes out of the information shared between law enforcement personnel during their fierce search for Kramer, which ended early Thursday morning when a suspected policeman was buried in a Philippi sand mine.

Creamer tied the rope to his throat.

Later that day, three suspects appeared in the Athlone Magistrate's Court – Jeremy Sias, 27, and Charles Daniels, 39, both near the informal settlement of Igoli where Cremer lives and 34-year-old Shiraz Jaffa, from the Lotus River.

All three men have criminal records of theft and assault and when they were arrested, Jafta was out on bail for another charge of murder.

They are all believed to be members of the Six Bobs gang.

A tractor driver at the Waderlandesh Rietvally Stables farm in Sias, Philippines, where the creamer lived and froze his horses, would have been aware of her movements and might have been aware of them, said a source who asked not to be cited for safety reasons. This is linked to the murder of the gang.

Officially police are not saying anything but shared information during the search revealed that Krimmer was a visitor to his cottage minutes before his car was seen exiting the stable at 6.24pm on August 3.

"The visitor said that Meghan was her usual self." "She didn't say anything about leaving the farm."

About two minutes later, members of the Mohr family, who own the farm, found that Kramer's dog ran rang and tried to warn him. But their calls went unanswered.

According to a private security source, Sias is alleged to have told police that he had killed Kremer in his cottage and then removed his body to his white Nissan-registered Toyota Uris Rice, which was parked about 30 meters from his cottage.

But then this has been denied because there was a hive of activity with brides and showjumpers returning from the event at the venue. Even after inspection of his cottage, no signs of conflict have come out. In addition, CCTV left the field at 5pm on Saturday. It was over. How the kidnapper was abducted remains a mystery somewhere.

The front of his car was at the Shell Garage on Strandfontein Road at 7.02pm to watch CCTV.

Around 11.30am, it was picked up on a Winnberg Road block.

Coincidentally, it was created by a colleague of Woodstock Bakery in Kramer who says he told officers that all three businessmen are not legal owners and that they should find a car boot.

After they refused to prosecute, he alerted Winburg police. Then the next Reese was spotted by an alert at Clip Road, Grassy Park, at 3.15pm on Sunday afternoon. He photographed the car and tried to follow it but was lost in traffic.

It has also been revealed that Ot Tree was withdrawn from Cremer's account at Peak N Pay and Pelican Park Shoprite. One final departure was from the Philippine ATM at 6.47pm on August 5th.

This raises the possibility that by then the fourth suspect may have been, as by then all three suspects had been arrested.

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