Monday , August 2 2021

Today there are five things to build headlines in South Africa

Here's our focus on Monday:

1. JSA sensor imposed on Pescor Holdings

After JSE violated some rules before listing on JCE, Pepsor, previously a public sensor at Stenhoff Africa Retail and Rs. 5 million fine. According to a statement about Sense, Paiker announced the guarantee of its Domestic Medium-Term Note (DMTN) program to Stefahoff Services and its Business Ventures Investments (BVI), according to its IFRS, its pre-scheduled statement was guaranteed. JSE said that 1 million rupees for 1 million two years have been suspended.

2. Paper results

Pacor has announced its first financial results (its name is Steinoff Africa Retail). The company is reporting headline loss per 84.5 cents for the six months ended September 30, 2018. Revenues increased 10.9% to R264.2 billion and operating profit increased by 10.7% (this excludes one-off costs). The company says that wardrobe and general merchandise segments have given good performance despite difficult local business conditions. Pacore is issuing the first dividend of 27.8 cents per share for this period.

3. State Capture inquiry

In the State Capture Commissions Commission on Monday heard the testimony of the chief director of the National Treasury, Fumza McDona, former head of GCIS, Mezellel Money. In December 2015, Zuma is expected to sign contracts around the events in the Treasury leading to a surprising cabinet change as president.

Update to follow

4. Donation Matters Resigns

Public investment corporation CEO Daniel Matzila resigned with immediate effect on Friday. PIC for personal reasons and for making neutral investment decisions. There was a fire in the fire to use the funds. The PIC Board accepted Mataji's resignation. The new CEO has not been nominated yet.

5. Rand Update

Rand was stabilized at the end of the week at the R & R 13.81 for a better part of Sunday, but later went on between the landmark loss and profit during the early hours of Monday morning. At 8:48 am, Rand was $ 13.79 in dollar.

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