Sunday , June 13 2021

UBI net profit rises

According to a new report by Uber Technologies. Writing hauling and delivery service bookings increased by 6 per cent.
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In the third quarter ending November, Uber Technologies announced a rise of 6 per cent in bookings of ride hayling and delivery services. In the third quarter, the rate of growth has doubled. Last year.

San Francisco-based firm, which had a net profit of $ 1.07 billion in the three months ended September 30, The last quarter was a 20% increase. However, compared with the previous year, 27 per cent decline. The biggest loss of the company is Uber's founder and former chief executive Travis Kalanick.

Uber now seeks to develop freight, food supply, electric bikes and scooters. The company is committed to make a profit of $ 76 billion to profit making for the next year's public sector companies.

614 million last year, $ 1.02 billion and $ 592 million, respectively.

"Our size and global portfolio has a strong quarterly," said Uber Chief Financial Officer Nelson Chai, who had been working for three years. In markets in India and the Middle East, we have the potential to strengthen our leadership.

However, broad economic conditions and sustained loss can bring Uber up to Uber to compete with India in the Middle East. Especially Uber, invested as an investor in India-based SofaBank Group Corporation.

Uber's total bookings were 12.7 billion. In the last quarter, it increased to 6%. The number rose by 41 per cent over the previous year. By the end of 2016, bookings of Uber Kabobis grew by 30 percent. By 2017 it continues to double digits. At the beginning of this year, bookings move towards single digits.

The company had a net profit of $ 2.95 billion in the last fiscal. It was 5 per cent in the same month last year. The company's revenues rose 63 percent in the second quarter.

Uber, a private company, does not need to disclose financially publicly, but the figures for the past year have started to come out.

One year ago, the chief executive Dara Khosroshahi turban was seized, Uber pulled out of overseas markets, and lost it and avoided some valuable ventures, including auto-driven trucks. But Khosroshahi has produced these commodities in cotton goods, food supply, electric scooters and motorcycles.

Investment in the soft bank, which was issued in January by Japanese investors for 15 per cent in the Uber, included a provision to file an IPO in September 30 of next year, or the risk of allowing the company to share control over stock transfers. That will cause a hazard to the structure and equity value of Uber's ownership and create controlled problems.

It is expected that Uber will discuss the situation in the range of the second half of the first half of the 2019 season. Uber believes that there is an expectation of IPO from the company's main rival, lifting incoming.

The bilateral production is estimated at $ 2.1 billion. Khasroshahi's attention is that of 150% of last year and 17% of total bookings.

In May 2017, Uber has decided to double the amount of the brokerage service, which was established by truckers and freight managers looking for a freight vessel. The number of ladders showing the trucks on each quarter doubles.

But it is not clear whether the business can profit. It is not clear how Uber will work in the vessel of the densely populated global food distribution company and that its managers will expand its commodity exchanges.


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