Monday , May 29 2023

Uganda: DRC


In Uganda, officials took measures after the Ebola virus was hit. Since August, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has 319 people being diagnosed with Ebola. He was killed in 1988. The boundaries between the countries are open.

The Lami River is the boundary between the Ebola affected Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Even though there is a dead or viral attack, Uganda's health ministry says 20,000 people cross the border every week and the country is at risk.

Ugandan Jain Birer will go to the DRC site twice a week. To buy food and bark, you can buy back home.

"We have heard of the disease, but we have to go out and trade, because we're just a few pheres, because someone who goes with Ebola is going to buy and sell."

When Baira and others crossed over Uganda, they will scrutinize the screening points of health care workers and volunteers like Boas Balamika.

"When we have a washing of hands, sterile legs and screening, then we allow someone to pass through."

In Uganda, Ebola cases have not yet been discovered, but symptoms may take three weeks to appear.

The virus affects the serious hemorrhagic infections, killing half of the infected people.

Head of the Badajah Town Council, John Cantol, along with Border exhibitions.

"One who comes from the Congo, we did not put hands with him, and if he had to buy something he'd have to buy and get some money.

Uganda's Health Ministry is taking preventive measures by deploying an experimental Ebola vaccine for health care and front line workers across the border.

Uganda Health Minister Jane Ruth Azing says vaccines and standard.

Currently in Uganda there are 2,100 Dose Vaccine National Medical Stores. There are preparations for training of health care workers.

In Uganda 2007, the Ebola outbreak occurred and 149 injured. 37 people were killed and several weeks were taken.

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