Friday , May 7 2021

Vodakam Attack: & # 39; AFF Huligens, who stores stores & # 39; After going to DA, EFF unaware of DA threat

EFF in Limpop is unaware of the dangers of criminal charges by the DA in the province, in which Vodacom stores in Polokwane and related attacks on Machado in Limpopo.

Self-declassified members and supporters of the EFF, many of the EFF T-shirts attacked at least two Vodacom stores at the weekend, reported Sunday News 24 sister publishing business insider SA reported on Sunday. According to the report, Vodakom said that the owner of the Vodka outlet franchise store in the Mall of the North has reported that during this torture three women were attacked and the goods were stolen.

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EFF president Jose Bouthen said that the DA The Limpopo's premier candidate, Jack Shameley, is nothing more than an act to save his friends.

In a press statement, Smile threatened to open a case called "EFF Huligence" at Polokwane police station on Monday, who violated the vodka store in the Mall of the North on Sunday.

"It is said that these EFF supporters had violated the store while protesting against the image of Woolcom Malma and Floyd Shivambu, while the Vadek Journalist of the Year award was shown in the awards titled 'Democracy abuse' & # 39;.

The DAE condemned the incident and requested law enforcement units to investigate the matter and arrest the members of the EFF, Smile said.

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"This is clearly a sign of things that can come for EFF. If they do not like something, because they have shown a constant attack on the press, they will use violence and destruction at any cost."

Kill Black Glory

Replying to the DA, Booth said that the threat was an act made by whites to kill blacksmiths and black souls.

He noted that the EFF leader in Limpop did not give any calls to the members to attack the store.

"In all our areas, from branches to national, [we] He said that Vodakam should be attacked, but despite the attack by Vodacom in our national leadership, he has never given such statements.

He said the party has remained silent and did not present the media statement against Vodakam.

"We sleep on a sleeping dog." When people are angry with Vodacock, do not blame the EFF. Everyone who is wearing EFF, ANC, DA, COPE T-shirt is not a member of it. DA White Monopoly Capital Security "Bouthen said.

He added that due to allegations against the EFF, Smell said that he would secure his place to become Limpopo's next premier. Booth said, "It's a dream of that day."

On Saturday, Centurion, Hetfield and Easley, Vodcom stores closed shop for people wearing the EFF T-shirts featured in front of the mobile network operator.

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On Friday, Vodakom issued a statement that it was against discrimination and insinuation in all their manifestations, including caste, age, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation and political thought.

He confirmed that the chairman of the corruption watchdog Maivosu Mussimang was invited to address the importance of media freedom and the importance of why it was preserved in the Vodcast Journalist of the Year Award.

"Masjumang's ideas are his own and he does not have Vodakom. Vodakom believes in freedom of expression and will not focus on the idea of ​​messing up; or like other opinion makers," reads the statement.

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