Tuesday , January 19 2021

Want to keep the disease on the bay? A low calorie diet can help you

The new study claims that the cell effect is based on how much calories it has taken.

Want to keep the disease on the bay? A low calorie diet can help you

Take a low calorie diet to keep the diseases away

Consumption of low-calorie foods may have a protective effect against certain diseases because the number of caloric individuals directly influences the performance of each cell, researchers say.

Studies on mice have found that in low-calorie diets, the brain can be protected from the death of neuronal cell associated with diseases like alzheimer's, Parkinson's, epilepsy and cerebral vascular accident (CVA).

Professor co-authors of Brazilian São Paulo University Alicia Kovatoski said, "We are seeing how the changes in diet affect metabolism and how it is finished by changing the chances of aging associated with aging."

For the study presented in FAPESP Week London on February 11-13, February, the research team divided the rats into two groups.

They calculated that there is no average calorie intake in the group, with which no caloric intake is eaten and then another group is given 40 percent less calories.

After 14 weeks, mice related to two groups were given injection, including substances, damage and known substance due to the death of neuronal cell.

The researchers found that when there were no dietary restrictions in the group, there were raids, whose calories were banned.

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