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Watch: How Paul Pogba's New Season Before the US Is going extinct in


Manchester United midfielder Paul Pobba in Philips, Arizona on June 26. Courtesy Paul Pogba / Instagram

Manchester United striker Romelu Lukako paddles with beaches in California. Courtesy Romelu Lukaku / Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo takes time on yacht in the French Riviera Courtesy Cristiano Ronaldo / Instagram

Juventus's star Ronaldo spent time in Greece before moving to France. Courtesy Cristiano Ronaldo / Instagram

Chelsea's Caesar Azpilicutta was in Abu Dhabi on June 25th. Courtesy Caesar Azpilikuta / Instagram

Manchester City's Rahim Sterling was taken to Florida with her mother in June. Courtesy Raham Sterling / Instagram

Bernardo Silva of Manchester City has been featured on June 25 in Sequoia National Park in California. His travels were also made in Miami and New York. Courtesy Bernardo Silva / Instagram

Anderson Hurri, who left Manchester United at the end of the season, enjoyed a bit of fun on the beach in Menorca. Courtesy Andere Herrera / Instagram

Herrari travels to Madeleine in Colombian courtesy Andere Herrera / Instagram

Dale Ellie of Tottenham and Jaden Sense of Borussia Dortmund met in Mallorca Avenue in Los Angeles in June. Courtesy del alley / instagram

Dortmund's Jaden Sano rests on June 20 in Beverly Hills, California. Courtesy Jaden Sancock / Instagram

Moussa Sisoko of Tottenham went to Safari in Tanzania in June Courtesy of Musa Sisoko / Instagram

Real Madrid's Karim Benzema took the lead in Hollywood in June in Los Angeles. Courtesy of Karim Benzema / Instagram

Arsenal's Shukderan Moutafai met restaurant Salt BA in Minnos in June. Courtesy Shukadar Mustafa / Instagram

Jess Lingard was in the United States with fellow United States teammate Marcus Rachford. Courtesy of Jesse Lingard / Instagram

Mohammed's advice comes in the catch of fish on June 10, but it is not clear where it is located on a clear luxury boat during the holiday. Courtesy Mou Salah / Instagra

Fidennoh of Liverpool teamed up with partner Rebecca Tavares to win the Champions League by visiting Washington. Courtesy Rebecca Tweares / Instagram

Manchester United's Anthony Marshall was in Egypt on May 18th and visited the Giza Pyramid in Cairo. Courtesy Anthony Marshall / Instagra

Marshal also visited Giza's Great Sphinx. Courtesy Anthony Marshall / Instagram

Vincent Companie at the Monaco Grand Prix in May Courtesy Vincent Companie / Instagram

Southampton's Ryan Bartrend in the UAE desert Courtesy Ryan Bertrand / Instagram

Chelsea's David Luiz was in the private zoo of Saif Belshaw in Dubai. Courtesy of David Luiz / Instagram

Gerard Duluffy enjoyed a strong season for Watford and started wildlife tour in summer. Courtesy Gerard Dullofue / Instagram

Javier Hernandez of West Ham was on 18th May in Italy. Courtesy Javier Hernandez / Instagram

Chelsea striker Mikey Bateshui posted on a May 17 tour of Tokyo. Courtesy of Mikey Bateshui / Instagram

Manchester United striker Romualo Lukaku took part in baseball in New York during May. Courtesy Romelu Lukaku / Instagram

Crystal Palace star Wilfrid Zaha went to Thailand after the end of the Premier League season. Courtesy Wilfrid Zaha / Instagram

Liverpool's Guinee Vijnaldam and Virgil Van DeJay at the Zoo of Saif Belshawi in Dubai. Courtesy Saif Ruby / Twitter

Manchester United's Scott MacTominine at the Zoo at the Saif Belshawi in Dubai on May 18th. Courtesy Scott MacTomin / Instagram

MacTomina, who shows some fear on the pitch, does not see any fear in close relation with animals. Courtesy Scott MacTomini / Instagram

Leicester City players were guests of Vice President Ayvanat Srividad Prabha in St. Tropez, France after the end of the season. The illustrations are Mati Gems, Ben Chillwell, Mark Ellbrighton, James Madison, Harry Maguire, Harvey Barnes and Ricardo Perera. Courtesy of James Madison / Instagram

Ben Chillwell of Leicester City and Wes Morgan, 14 May in France's St Tropez. Courtesy Ben Chillwell / Instagram

Paul Pogba of Manchester United and Kurt Zaum of Chelsea were portrayed in front of Kaba in the Grand Mosque in Macquah, Saudi Arabia, in May. Courtesy Paul Poga / Instagram

Liverpool's Guinee Vijenaldum on May 18 in Dubai. Courtesy guinea vijenaldum / instagram

Liverpool's Mohammed Releases in Dubai on May 16, 2019. Courtesy mohammed advice / twitter

Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignonet in Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi on 16 May. Courtesy of Simon Mignotite / Instagram

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