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What to know about AFM, treatments like polio-infested children

Disease Control and Prevention Centers Recently announced It was 134 Confirmation In the year 2018 there are 165 cases of sickness cases and other cases like polio known as acute flaked malitis. Is still under investigation. Children have the highest sensitivity to this disease, but it is still mysterious – experts are uncertain about what causes it to happen and there is no clear way to protect against it.

Experts know that AFM affects the spinal cord's "gray matter" and it has polio-like symptoms, potentially fatal infections that can cause a person's brain and spinal cord infection and cause parisysis, According to the CDC. Many have been painted Comparison Due to the symptoms of two illnesses and also because polio was somewhat mysterious Publicity When it first started spreading, as it is now AFM. But, unlike polio, which has been removed in the United States Thanks for the vaccinations, It still causes AFM and is not vaccinated for it yet.

Naveant Health Neurotransmitter Rashid Janjua said in Winston-Salem, North Carolina Teen Vogue It is caused by a polio virus, called polyyver, which affects the spinal cord. The virus spread rapidly in the first half of the 20th century Its epidemic peak In the 1950s – vaccinated at approximately the same time. The virus was abolished in

On the other hand AFM can be the body's "cross-reaction" in the antovirus, which primarily causes viral infections in the summer and fall, According to the CDC. "This is the body's cross-reaction,
We at this moment, … are called Antwerp, "said Janjua," we have many diseases we know where the viral infections stop the false auto-response of the body. What does it mean that body attacks are viruses – but some parts of our body are similar to those of the virus, but it is not the same … and our body confuses and even attacks. "

Some people who develop AFMs seem normal: most children (the average age of infected people is 5); The biggest AFM was started between August and October; And more than 90% of patients had symptoms of cough or flu similar to viral infection before developing AFM, According to CNN.

In addition to respiratory disease and fever, AFM symptoms include: muscle weakness in the hands and feet, facial drop or weakness, difficulty moving eyes, eyeball, difficulty swallowing or confusing speech, and – the most serious symptom – due to muscle weakness due to respiratory failure, According to the CDC.

Experts have not yet recognized some of the reasons for the conclusions of AFM, some Antwerp – Including PolyVirus, Antwerwer A. 71 (EV-A71), and West Nile Virus – Known to know the cause of AFM, According to the CDC. Antwerp is common Infants, Children and Adolescents, But most recover. CDC Press Officer Kate Folly said Teen Vogue Email or CDC "is trying to find specific triggers that will develop an AFM. We are now working to determine how AFM moves from point A to point."

But the CDC is certain that no case of 2018 confirmation is made by poliovirus: from each reported AFM case for poliovirus it examines the stool sample, and so far all the samples are negative, Fowley said that due to high vaccination coverage against Polio.

So far, this is CDC has been found Since 2014, four of the 458 AFM cases supported by vertebrates have shown Coxsquiere, which can be the reason Hands, feet and mouth disease, As well as diseases related to heart, muscles and lungs, According to Kids Health. But for all other patients, CDC does not find pathogen in their spinal fluid which suggests one reason, According to the CDC.

Janjua said that the first step in preventing viral diseases like AFM is that all children are given a recommended vaccine and everyone gets regular flu vaccine. "When we talk about virus infection that can really affect us, we need to understand that vaccines are good," he said.

For young people and adolescents, especially Janjua gave importance to complying with "basic principles of prevention infections". For example, cover your mouth when you are coughing, while you are ill, do not interfere with anybody. Mask If you think you can get flu and eat healthy and refined foods, he said. Kids Health Also recommend Hand wash to prevent the spread of antroorisation such as hands, feet, and mouth disease.

"You can not take any precautions to prevent this disease, because … at this moment, there is no complete understanding about how this is spread to the medical community," Janjua said.

There are 134 supported cases of AFM Spread across 33 states, Some states such as Colorado report at least 15 cases, and report another between eight and eight. Janjua said that in some states AFM is more common, some people, such as People with asthma, Depending on their sensitivity, may be more at risk.

As far as the CDC knows exactly who causes AFM and can begin to develop vaccines, it continues to increase awareness among syndrome patients about "working with the health department," Fowley said. CDC also recommends that parents and caregivers take immediate medical care if they see hand or foot weakness in children. However, the good news is that, cases for this year Looks, Which means that this season tends downward for the remaining seasons.

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