Tuesday , January 19 2021

Xiaomi outperformed Apple in commercial things

Chinese firm Xiaomi According to new figures, Apple has moved forward to become the world's largest variables manufacturer.

An industry analyst, International Data Corp, has presented the statistics, suggesting that the last variable market has 32 million shipments in the last quarter, more than 21 percent in the same period last year.

Expansion of Xiaomi outside China – Incorporation in Europe – It was released as a factor to help advance from Apple.

The company was launched for the first time in the UK last month, in which the featured products featured the MI band 3 Fitness Tracker.

The same Apple introduced Apple's latest Apple Watch – Series 4, but IDC suggests that Apple Watch is responsible for less than 20% of shipments, which has 4.2 million shippers made by Apple Watch Series 3.

IDC said that due to the growing presence of India's entire region, the Middle East and Asia and Europe during this quarter, Xiaomi's China-based shipments have reduced about 80% to 61% in part as part of the overall quarter.

Ramon Llamas, director of research at IDE's Verebels team, said that the market for SmartWatch and Fitness Tracker was on the subject "geographic differences" and had an impact on both Zomi and Apple.

China Development

"China – the largest market for variable and more than twice the size of the U.S. market – strong device development and experimentation, thanks to the strong demand for basic equipment to draw on low-cost products and new users."

Meanwhile, the US market – while slowing down – offers the vendors to provide more featured and up-to-date devices to existing users and possibly potentially.

"There are many other countries in various states of development among the two markets, and allow vendors to take various approaches to meet this demand. Combine these geographic differences with new product announcements and releases, and the stage is set for a strong holiday quarter."

These statistics indicate that the variable market share of Siaomi is now at 21.1%, which is 13.1% compared to Apple.

Fitbit, Huawei and Samsung complete the rest of the top five manufacturers.

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